Rangers to sign Ronaldo? Sure, if Man Utd still pay his wages…

Rangers to sign Ronaldo? Sure, if Man Utd still pay his wages…
BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 06: Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United warms up prior to the Premier League match between Aston Villa and Manchester United at Villa Park on November 06, 2022 in Birmingham, England. (Photo by James Gill/Getty Images)

We cannot help but point an eye in the direction of the chaos at Man Utd, with Cristiano Ronaldo’s infamous interview and the fallout.

One of the greatest players in the history of football (many would argue the greatest, period) and his second spell at his ‘home’ has gone shambolically. We’re not going to bother taking sides, but the Portuguese legend would certainly have hoped for better, and now he clearly wants out.

Rangers? Is it beyond Rangers’ remit to sign Ronaldo?

Mischief-makers are suggesting a man on a wage of £500,000 a week could in some way join Rangers. Well, what we will say is that’s exactly the salary Aaron Ramsey was on at Juve and we signed him alright.

Ronaldo? Well, we are a bit short on goals up front and he’d certainly score a galaxy of them…

Being serious, if Man Utd pay the bulk of his wage we’d take him – just like the Wales international did at Ibrox. The Turin giants paid about 90% of his wage and we took a small portion – of course the whole thing collapsed horribly and it turned out the biggest flop signing our club has arguably ever made, but most of that was due to constant injury and ‘that’ penalty.

Ronaldo is many things but he’s never injured. For an aging forward, his condition is unreal and he remains a better and more effective attacker than most kids 15 years younger than him.

We will be deadpan – we’d take him if Utd keep on paying the bulk of his salary. They just want him off their hands now, and he wants away. And let’s face it, Ronaldo would give it all up for a cold wet night in Govan v Stranraer in the cup. Wouldn’t we all? Ok, you and I would, let’s be honest, but Ronaldo? He’d probably have a wee think first.

Being serious, he’ll go to a Champions League team – Sporting were linked but have been dispelled by a Portuguese journo who claims it’s not happening, and Bayern and Chelsea are said to be interested.

But in a choice between UCL, Allianz and Stamford Bridge or the Famous Glasgow Rangers v Alloa, what would Ronaldo go for?

We wonder…

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  1. It’s Brazils Ronaldo that the Rangers are interested in, fits Wilsins business model to a T , to old, overweight, has some mental health issues, no sell on value, but is slimmer faster and more agile than Morelos, should be a positive move. 😉

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