“Thrived – 9” – Rangers players rated in drubbing of Aberdeen

“Thrived – 9” – Rangers players rated in drubbing of Aberdeen
James Sands in action today (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers today strolled a superb win over Aberdeen in a match which may just have saved Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s job. Especially if the players can keep this up.

Ibrox Noise brings you our ratings after a huge afternoon in Govan:


Wrong footed for the opening goal, made to look silly. Didn’t really make any major stops, zero in fact. Pretty quiet match for him. 5


A truly horrible moment in defence when Tav failed dreadfully to play to the whistle and was caught stopping entirely, and it cost a goal. But he did redeem with a good header to pull back that goal, but sadly wasted a penalty, which ended up immaterial. Rotten on the crosses, only one hit the target, but his overall distribution was an improvement. Ok in defence aside the opening goal. Mixed bag for him. 6


Actually did ok, got in a lot of interceptions and seemed to read this match quite well. Good on the ball and didn’t waste too much. It’s probably his best performance since being used as cover. 7


Absolutely stunning assist for Lundstram’s goal, showing appetite to not give the chase up, Davies is hitting some form. He wasn’t really needed in the zone for much defending, and his passing was solid. Unfortunate to have to go off at HT. 7


Ah God another one, just hitting excellent form and looking like an upgrade on Barisic, the Turk pulled his hammy and is out for at least two weeks. Can’t rate seven minutes of football unfortunately. N/A


FINALLY James is getting the recognition Ibrox Noise has been bleating on about for months, the American having a tidy and sturdy game in midfield, quietly doing his thing and letting Lunny play. Excellent passing and happy to give the stage to his team mate, he’s the perfect foil for him. Had the second-highest touches in the whole team. Clean. 7


Isn’t it suspicious that Lundstram FINALLY has a big big match when he finally gets a good partner? The English midfielder was everywhere, and deserved his goal as well. Had the second best passing in the side and thrived on not being slowed down by a team mate who complimented him perfectly. 9


This was the best he’s played in months. Maybe since Dortmund. Best passing rate of all and got a bunch of good crosses in, something he’s not done for lord knows how long. Dangerous, effective, and caused problems. No major end product (no assists or goals) but this was much more the Kenty we’ve been waiting for. Actually looked angry when things didn’t work out, and that’s what we want to see. 8


There’s always a weak link even in a great display, and Sakala’s brainless football is it. He did so much good, but then the final pass, decision, choice lets him down and goes nowhere. He was on the ball a tonne, got lots of good runs and dribbles, but not once did he manage to find a team mate when it really mattered and wasted a host of good chances to score. He has raw enthusiasm, but he is painfully short for the quality. 6


Major glimpses of his talent in this one, the American showed little signs of that quality we saw a lot of at the start, and of course an assist helped his contribution hugely. Heavily involved, and isn’t the type to dribble, but will have big moments in matches. 7


Another fine goal for the Croat who showed his qualities again – he’s completely got the SPL down and will just keep scoring at this level given the chances. He shoots he scores. 7



Strong cameo from Scotty who shored things up and kept Davies’ loss as minimally damaging. A good shift for the second half. 7


An assist for Barisic which may help his confidence a bit, and we’ve rarely seen him attempt 11 crosses this calendar year. He knows now his place is under threat and he has to up his game. This was a good sign. Defensively not really needed. 7


Well this was a very good cameo – first time he’s actually looked like he gives a hoot. Two goals, one rightly ruled out for offside, one rightly added for onside, the Colombian couldn’t do much more in 10 minutes than this. 8


Gio finally gave us a half-decent selection, and while we had misgivings about Kent and Sakala, the team really delivered for him. He made good subs, positive subs, and even though he didn’t give Goalak and Morelos another outing together, this was a performance and result he critically needed. Did things change for him today? Maybe. Keep this up. 8

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  1. Can’t believe you marked Sakala down after working so damned hard – he didn’t finish admittedly but if he hadn’t lined up the goal for Morelos….

  2. I like a good argument on here, but this time you got the ratings spot on and cant complain, just disappointed that Mcrorie never got on the bench at least, we really need to start giving the boy a chance, he deserves it

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