Sky Sports use Rangers to dig at Steven Gerrard’s growing fails

Sky Sports use Rangers to dig at Steven Gerrard’s growing fails
WOLVERHAMPTON, ENGLAND - MARCH 18: Jamie Carragher , Ex footballer and sky sports pundit and presenter looks on during the Premier League match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Leeds United at Molineux on March 18, 2022 in Wolverhampton, England. (Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images)

On the eve of Liverpool travelling to Ibrox, Sky Sports England used Rangers’ 55-winning season to highlight Anfield icon Steven Gerrard’s highs in Scotland, and his growing failure in England.

Former teammate Jamie Carragher used some rare Scottish football coverage on Monday Night Football to highlight Rangers’ tactics and how efficient, especially during 20/21, Rangers’ system under Gerrard, and Beale, actually was, comparing it to the comparative mess he’s currently making of life at Villa Park.

Meanwhile Michael Beale’s high-flying QPR have taken to the Championship this season like a duck to water and currently proudly sit third, having only lost two matches since mid-August.

Indeed, fortunes for the two couldn’t be going much more differently, with Beale pushing now not only for a playoff place in England’s second flight, but a potential title win as well while Gerrard fights with relegation.

Meanwhile Villa sit in that 16th despite their spending under Gerrard, with just three league wins all season of 9 fixtures.

After the manner of Gerrard’s exit, many Rangers fans will certainly point to karma doing its thing here, while Beale thrives in the division below, cutting his teeth brilliantly on the managerial challenge and rising to it.

But it was that Sky Sports snippet where Carragher showed the technical fails of Villa, while highlighting the successes of Rangers’ midfield with players tight to each other forming clear triangles which gave some prominence to Rangers and how good we can be.

While also pointing out how Gerrard is sinking without Beale behind him.

But then, we all know 55 was down to Beale, not Gerrard.

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  1. As predicted ,gerrard not to see season out at villa ,he is NOT a good manager .He was a NAME used to sign players and create excitement round club ,which he did before the whole place went flat . 1 in 9 is not a success .

  2. 55 was NOT down to a single person. It was down to a team performing very well over an entire season. And that team included both Gerrard and Beale.

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