Puppet manager Gerrard sacked as ex-Rangers coach Beale looks on

Puppet manager Gerrard sacked as ex-Rangers coach Beale looks on
Differing fortunes for two ex-Rangers...

Sorry, many of you will dismiss this story because it’s not about Gio and it’s about the past, and you’re free to, but the Steven Gerrard dismissal tonight is a big football story, a big reality dose for Mr Gerrard, who thought he was better than Rangers and left by the back door.

We’re not bouncing up and down with glee at seeing a man losing his job, not that Gerrard will struggle for a few bob let’s face it, but he’s proven now he’s not up to management and he’s simply not good enough at it.

With a massive budget, he close to failed completely at Rangers – he caused Celtic to win two titles, rather than his stopping the 10 he nearly caused it – and that was with £35M spent in two years let’s not forget.

He had the funds, and it wasn’t till Michael Beale’s system took over in 20/21 (he spoke about changing the setup himself) that Gerrard’s Rangers finally got motoring.

When Beale left Villa, it was patently obvious Gerrard wasn’t going to survive long without his lynchpin – Gerrard is a puppet manager, someone who relies on those below him doing all the work. Without these people, without the right people for him, or Beale, as he’s better known, Gerrard floundered.

It is true he lost a lot of players through injury, but that the majority of Villa fans wanted him gone says a lot about the esteem they held him in.

He left Rangers for the only club he would have quit for, Liverpool. Oh wait, Aston Villa, of course – and while we are not feeling any joy for his firing, because that’s pathetic, it’s a sense of karma for how he lied to Rangers fans’ faces and how he relied too heavily on his assistant.

It’s clear now how much he needed Michael Beale, and a future job as Anfield boss seems dead and buried now for Gerrard.

Maybe this is a chance for Gerrard to take a bit of stock, reflect on his mistakes, and find a new path in football.

He is a true football man, but he’s made some very poor decisions, not just at Villa but at Rangers too. And now he’s paid the price.

He’s died by the sword he lived on, and it’s up to him to find a renaissance.

Beale for Villa?

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  1. I commented on here he would not see out the season at villa ,not a great manager for me .
    1 out of 9 trophies in Scotland is a wee bit pathetic tbh ,setting aside the “but it was all about stopping 10 iar ” argument,Christ surely we are bigger and more ambitious than that ? 😳🤔.
    Back to punditry for Gerry boy and probably gvb soon as well,they just ain’t got it .

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