McGregor’s Rangers time is done – it’s the age of Robby McCrorie

McGregor’s Rangers time is done – it’s the age of Robby McCrorie
LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 04: Mohamed Salah of Liverpool scores their team's second goal from the penalty spot past Allan McGregor of Rangers during the UEFA Champions League group A match between Liverpool FC and Rangers FC at Anfield on October 04, 2022 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

Craig Moore might be in the press today telling us all that Allan McGregor is Rangers’ best goalie and deserves to be in between the sticks, but he is of course completely wrong, and few fans now endorse the man they call Greegsy.

See, Ibrox Noise were disgusted at the start of the season when Giovanni van Bronckhorst chose the mediocre Jon McLaughlin to be our first choice, with the untold damage that decision made. But we weren’t actively seeking McGregor either as the alternative.

Indeed, we suggested a combination of the elder statesman, and Robby McCrorie, or better yet, Fenerbahce’s Ozer or former Utd man Siegrist.

The point being, McLaughlin was miles off good enough, but McGregor was clearly finished too, and wasn’t the answer, albeit he could be used as a sticking plaster in emergencies.

We’re seeing since Greegsy’s return that he is completely done – he had a decent night v Napoli and Liverpool, but those two are the only decent displays since he came back, and he’s barely made a save – just like McLaughlin.

Indeed, like McLaughlin, he’s mostly just watched balls fly past him into the net, mainly because his reaction times are done, and it’s deeply unfair that McLaughlin got the place in goal v Dundee over McCrorie. If ever a selection was backwards, that was it.

So what now?

It’s clearly McCrorie’s time to start getting Rangers’ goal – McGregor can sit on the bench and support him, and help him, and coach him. McGregor’s time is finished and McCrorie has waited long enough.

We’ve missed out on Ozer and Siegrist, so for now we must make do with what we have and of what little we’ve seen of the twin, he’s not half bad at all. His performance v Celtic was excellent, and that remains his only domestic display as a Rangers player.

The level of underuse of McCrorie has been scandalous, given the low standards ahead of him – Gio too scared to ‘take a risk’ is going with the safe options which are turning out to be anything but.

No it’s McCrorie’s time now, because frankly, we have no choice.

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  1. Ok,i see where you are going because I never thought McLaughlin as ‘long term replacement’. McCrorie should have been given that experience. Now i dont always agree with everything you post but McCrorie either starts or I wonder why he isnt wanting regular games. I love McGregor but i hope he isnt outstaying his retirement, like Davis. We need to test our so called amazing talent like Lowry etc.

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