An Ibrox Noise Statement

An Ibrox Noise Statement
Rangers fans display a 'Make Us Dream' banner in the crowd ahead of the UEFA Europa League Quarter-final, second leg football match between Rangers and Sporting Braga at the Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, on April 14, 2022. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise published a piece earlier today explaining Allan McGregor’s time at Rangers is up, and it’s surely the dawn of Robby McCrorie.

The same fans abusing McGregor ‘for being a statue’ on Wednesday today gave the site and page abuse for such an assertion, in the usual array of Rangers fans recently being very fickle and hypocritical, with opinions changing like the wind.

Heck, it’s football, we’re as guilty too – opinions and football are emotional, and that’s flexible – but we did have to laugh at the accusation from some quarters that our content is incessantly negative at the moment.

Because, of course, Rangers are playing great, manager is doing well, and all is worth praise, right?

Of course, we actually have been positive – we’ve supported many of the players and praised them where they’ve earned it. All season we’ve championed Goalak, and we’ve been the ones defending James Sands in face of a torrent of abuse at him. We’ve also been regaling you with our plaudits for Ridvan. We’ve also been bigging up Lundstram, after a new cult of criticism took aim at him.

But as soon as we produce a common sense article telling you a 40+ year old keeper is done, the usual suspects lose the plot and tell us we’re a disgrace.

Negative? Ibrox Noise has been infinitely more positive about this season than most of the fans have!

Every match we have to deal with a torrent of negative comments about the team, slagging literally every single player off, the manager, the board. Every match the fans boo at the final whistle. Often through the game.

And some of you have the actual gall, after smearing everything at Ibrox, to tell us WE’RE the negative ones?

We have never called for Gio’s head once – we’ve suggested his time is probably up because feeling from you supporters is so dead set against him now, with many of you guys and gals calling for his head outright. We never have.

But no, we’re the angry pessimists with nothing but negative content.

Ibrox Noise will always be honest – positive, negative, neutral, you name it. We’re not going to stop because some fans change their opinions every day and take it out on us.

So yes, McGregor is finished, and no, we didn’t advocate his return at all – we wanted McCrorie, Siegrist or Ozer instead. We suggested McGregor as a sticking plaster, a backup plan for the number one ahead of him.

But hey, easier to be angry and abuse Rangers fan sites than face the truth, isn’t it?

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  1. I think wanting McCrorie in as GK is a positive story. Ive been saying it since he got his last chance he was ready then and ready now.

  2. Allan magregor is a hero so what he’s had a bad game or two that man has saved us so many times I cant put I to words how much I will miss playing so fuck u to all how clam to b blue if u don’t think the same as me cause am right

  3. Going on a tantrum you couldn’t have made that article more unprofessional if you tried. Are you wanting fans to read your articles? Going by that you’ll have thousands will never read your pishy articles again. There’s fans on both sides of the argument, don’t tar every fan with the same brush. Fucking disgusting reading that as I’ve never said anything negative till this.

    • You’re exactly the type it’s aimed at. You’re the type who isn’t aware human beings with families are behind Ibrox Noise, Rangers fans, people. All you see is the words, you overlook that someone with a life produced them. So you resort to foul abusive language to make your point as if that will emphasise your case and make your argument more convincing. So thank you for making our point for us. Appreciated.

    • You are obviously someone with a massive chip on the shoulder, more likely a boulder, we all have opinions, some right, some wrong, but throwing abuse like that tells everyone that you are a stupid little man with a major inferiority complex, the only time you’ve probably been at Ibrox is when you all were let in for free to welcome the scouse rhat and you probably haven’t spent anything either on our merchandise either, l suggest you crawl back under your rock and stay there

  4. Support your team, good and bad.
    Stood on the Ibrox terraces with a crowd of 6000 in the 70s
    We are behaving like Celtic fans trying to get rid of Lennon
    We will come good again

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