What have Rangers’ board done with the £130M?

What have Rangers’ board done with the £130M?
Can't help wondering what happened with all that cash...

So we’ve got to investigate this – Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s recent announcement that not even a Bosman was arriving at Rangers to cover for the defensive shortfall suggests there’s not a bean to spend, but we know that’s not true.

Let’s look at the numbers:

As we’ve explained on Ibrox Noise before, the general club income, give or take, in a year, is around £80M for standard operating income. Season tickets, shirts, merch, sponsorship etc.

Generally, the outgoing is normally the same, at around £80M (wages (those are huge), running costs, expenditure), meaning the club, under conventional circumstances breaks even.

In recent years, particularly Covid, the income was hurt a bit, and there was a major loss – the income was down to about £50M, a loss of circa £25M.

That was seen in the accounts with the deficit of around that number.

However, the past one year, since November, has seen a massive, MASSIVE injection of cash into the club, the like of which we’ve never witnessed before:

£4.5M for Gerrard, £16M for Patterson, £30M for the UEL run, £10M for Aribo, £23M for Bassey, and £40M (whoever you believe) for the UCL group phase.

This is around £130M ON TOP of that typical £80M, restored to normal the past year post-Covid – no £30 loss to deal with and income standardised again.

So, that’s around £210M total income.

We know there’s a settlement with Sports Direct (at a rumoured £8M), there was £15M spent in the summer and Edmiston House wasn’t free, costing about £10M. But that still leaves a tonne of cash.

So, we have to ask, where on earth is it?

Where is that missing £90M of the extra income? What has been done with it?

Why can we not even sign a Bosman to cover for injuries?

We don’t have answers because we’re the ones asking where that cash is.

We’re sure there’s a reason… right?

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  1. We dont get the champions league money till February
    So the champions league money and the money forv aribo and BASSEY will be in next year’s accounts not this years .

  2. The accounts will still show how much has came in this year and has been spent ,more importantly how much is in the bank .
    It has been speculated that investors have reigned in their loans ,with no great monies to spare .

  3. The lack of money able to be spent as uefa has placed us on a FFP watchlist so cannot have expenditure higher than income going forward over 3 year period and will not be taking into account COVID deductions after this season and with the losses posted the last few years it’s probably not being spent so the books balance up

  4. A few of the soft loans would have been reimbursed also & payments for players will be in stages all will be made clear 🇬🇧

  5. The directors loans have to be paid back so that’ll account for some of the money but the figures you’re quoting where are you getting those from? CL money won’t be paid out till after the New Year, transfer fees are paid in instalments so some of the money goes on that too. The club’s been mismanaged as badly since 2012 than it was during the Murray years, these guys are supposed to be successful businessmen it’s a wonder they’ve made any money the way the club is run. There’s more and more rumblings that the boardroom is split and the product on the park is a shambles, if you look across the water they’re a well run club and have money in the bank and haven’t spent a penny of the money they’ll get in CL money. The FFP watchlist will have hamstrung things too and the debt the club’s in is crippling everything, the year on year losses is unsustainable and it should never have been allowed to get this far. Not winning trophies consistently means investors are put off by the lack of success and the support aren’t asking enough of the club, it’s all softball questions and arse kissing by Heart & Hand and a lowball media, perhaps if the right questions were being asked then the right answers would come out.

  6. I thought that Rangers F.C like any business have their accounts prepared annually and are a matter of public record so all your questions will be answered in due course of time,be patient!?


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