“He’s ready – 7” Rangers players ‘rated’ v Dundee at Ibrox

“He’s ready – 7” Rangers players ‘rated’ v Dundee at Ibrox
Ridvan did shine, one of the few who did, but now he's out. And who knows how long for.... (Credit Rangers FC)

We thought long and hard about ratings for this one, after all, did they actually matter?

But yes, a lot of you like our ratings, and a lot of you absolutely hate them, so let’s honour you all with tonight’s scores for an absolutely atrocious performance by Rangers v Dundee.


Had little to do, wasn’t properly tested, but then he rarely has been – it’s either on target and a goal, or it misses. He’s an empty shirt of a goalie and this should have been McCrorie’s night to be a virtual bystander. 3


He was absolutely non-existent. We barely recall a single cross from him, we’re sure we’ve just forgotten them. Couldn’t see any of his usual runs, he looked like he wasn’t in the mood, and that he may well be carrying something. Not really captain material tonight. 4


Decided to make a massive run out of defence, and overran it, just about nicking it away from the Dundee man. Aside this he wasn’t really overly tested and looked a bit off the pace. 4


Some lazy passing from King, worryingly already knows he’s suddenly very important and can get away with errors. Didn’t shine and this is the kind of match which shows when a talent is the real deal, not a big pressure night in Holland when the match is already dead. 4


The Turk took his chance, he really did. Lots of running, lots of defending, and he was much more willing to dribble at opponents. True, it was only Dundee but it’s an upgrade from his last opponent and he’s starting, at last, to look the part. He’s ready. 7


Once again he slowed everything down in midfield – yes, he was right place right time for the match-winning goal, but once again everything else about his performance screamed of getting in the way of Lundstram. This guy cannot play alongside the Scouser, but hey, we’re broken records saying that. Ridiculously given MOTM. 4


Did everything he could to cope with Davis in the way, but in the end, he struggled as always alongside the NI star. We’re not digging at Davo, he just cannot compliment Lunny and it’s on Gio for wrecking both of them. 4


Another bright spark here, Wright took his chance, again, against modest opposition, as well as anyone. We’ve been very hard on Wrighty, and he is short of the top-level a club like Rangers needs, but in the here and now he’s a far better option than Kent. 7


Worked hard out there, and was another borderline pass mark – couldn’t make too much stick but at least he was making the runs and trying things. Points for effort and trying to defy the general malaise at Ibrox. 6


Those punters who decided the Zambian was a half decent player with that show v St Mirren (Or was it Hearts), and reckoned he was good enough after well over a year of being rubbish were shown to have been a spot misguided and the forward was back in normal territory, running into blind alleys and looking hopeless. 3


Oh this was sad. Morelos reduced to this. Yes his assist for Sakala the other week was good, but that’s about all he’s done of note since he regained fitness. Miles off it, and shook his head in disgust as he was subbed. Probably remembered his one on one that he utterly blew. Kind of chance Colak would bury. 2

Subs made no difference aside Roofe who did look quite bright in his defence.


Gio just got this team completely wrong, but wilfully. That’s right – he knows McLaughlin stinks, that Lunny and Davo cannot play together, that King and Sands have NEVER played together, but he just threw that mess right out there and crossed his fingers. What a rotten night. Didn’t feel like a win at all from him. 3

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  1. You have been very generous IN with the ratings, if it was me they would all have got between 0 and 1, they are an absolute joke of a team, any team that will play us will seriously fancy their chances, a total clearance needed from top to bottom, all we have are pretenders, empty shirts and wage thief’s, they have lost the last bit of credibility they once had

  2. Sums it up I guess. Tough to rate a goalie who didn’t have much to do. I’m not sure Lundstram would have played any better with another partner in midfield as he has recently started the same habit as Barisic with passing everything sideways or backwards. I know the game wasn’t in the slightest bit memorable but the majority of what little good we did near the box in the second half was down to Sakala’s willingness to keep trying. He was at least worthy of a 5 or 6 surely? Not just one above the completely pathetic Morelos. Wright and Yilmaz were encouraging but no doubt they’ll be warming the bench for Barisic and Kent next time.

  3. Very harsh and disrespectful review of McLaughlin. I totally understand mccrorie should of been playing however to call him an empty shirt is disrespectful: He performed well in the Scottish cup last season, granted we want better but it’s poor to say that. Seems like this site has a new whipping boy now goldson is injured.

    • Comments like this remind us our support still has an element that needs removed. Thank you for the refresher David.

  4. It feels like Tavernier and Barisic are suffering from PTSD in football terms – neither can tackle and now it looks like neither fancies going forward in the manner they once did and it looks like we dont have any options to replace them – certainly not ones that Gio fancies anyway. The whole team looks a yard slow in thought and action – think the 4-0 result at Celtic Park was hard to stand as Celtic may have been better on the day but we contributed massively to the result by being way off the pace – not like our keeper needed to make 5-10 amazing saves (could make the one that counted tbh). Midfield looks like its playing by numbers or sleep walking through games – Lundstram’s favourite no look pass backwards into defence has put defenders in trouble twice in two games and could have got King sent off on Sunday – lazy. The games in the champions league have definitely had an impact on confidence – strangely if we had been gubbed 7-1 at Anfield we would probably have taken it on the chin but last week’s capitulation by the usual group that disappear when going gets tough (tavernier, barisic, lundstram, Matondo and Kent) just unacceptable in Ranger’s shirts. Kent looks and plays like a wee boy lost – never plays with a smile on his face and constantly doesn’t look after the ball – I’d play Wright for an extended period as at least he works hard for the team. Overall this period of poor play goes back to Celtic, Ajax and second half against Hearts when opposition were down to 10 men and we were putrid, taking too many touches and not pressing for way more goals (Celtic goal difference gives then another point already) – not sure the manager has that many options available just now with injuries and folks out of form – we need to hope they can limp through to World Cup break and not lose any further ground to Celtic – Europe needs to be let go for a year. This lot need some massive psychological help and Gio needs to stop being Mr Nice and start raising expectations with a few that believe they are untouchable regardless of how poorly they play – Mr Tavernier is not a Ranger captain!!!

  5. It was awful , disgraceful but not surprising. Something is obviously wrong in the board and in the dressing room. . Its a mess. It was a good job It was a poor Dundee . GVB is done, Mr Park is done . It has to change or rhe rotten mob will steal the title again.

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