Rangers hit a new low v Dundee with worst win we’ve seen for an age

Rangers hit a new low v Dundee with worst win we’ve seen for an age
Rangers' Dutch manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst speaks to journalists ahead of the UEFA Champions League Group A football match between Glasgow Rangers and Liverpool at the Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, on October 12, 2022. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Just when we thought Motherwell was about the worst win we’ve experienced in recent times, somehow Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s sinking Rangers deliver an absolute travesty against midtable Championship side Dundee in the worst win we’ve experienced in recent times.

This was, but for Steven Davis’ scrappy headed winner (laughably awarded MOTM by a person presumably poor of sight), a true poverty of a match in which a couple of players did walk away with passmarks (the energetic Ridvan and Wright) but generally the fare on display was so astonishingly awful the crowd booed a win, rightly, at full time.

We’ve barely seen a worse display against more meagre opposition, who, diabolically, could have won this one themselves, than this absolutely putrid performance which verged on criminal.

To manage, at home, in total, less shots than Celtic did in the first half away at Fir Park, is… every indication of where we are right now.

This is now going into embarrassing territory, if it wasn’t already there. From Alfredo Morelos’ weak and uninspired display carrying what looked like an extra pound or two, to Gio’s absolutely shocking decision to give Jon McLaughlin yet another chance when it should have been Robby McCrorie’s time to shine, everything we saw out there screamed of a dying era.

Gio’s insistence, AGAIN, on selecting the John Lundstram Steven Davis duo which he knows a hundred times over DOES NOT WORK meant Rangers had absolutely no midfield once more, and while possession was dominated by the home side, passing the ball around defence, and inside the flanks, really doesn’t count as productive.

This was just dire, pathetic – the only positive we could take was no injuries and we got through.

But that a match v such modest opponents was this level of a struggle bodes deeply worrying going forward. It didn’t matter than it was in places a fringe selection, the quality was, on paper, vastly superior to our guests.

But they probably played the majority of good football while turgid fare from the hosts embellished Ibrox.

Yes, we won, and yes we’re through, but how much longer can performances like this against sides we should be rattling 6 by go on?

This really was a bit of a flagship moment, and we doubt Gio is going to last much longer with displays like these.

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  1. Woeful again wright only one i would give pass marks,poor ridvan nobody seemed to pass to him morelos didnt look intrested tav poor aswell never going to win anything this year with this team need big january transfer window if gvb will still be here

  2. I’ll be a bit more generous and say I thought Wright played like he wants to prove a point. Sakala plugged away all night and although he didn’t always have an end product he got far more balls into dangerous areas than Kent does. Yilmaz looked keen to get going and was always available for a pass but when he was getting into the same forward positions as Barisic might nobody wanted to make runs or link with him. King diid ok again. Tavernier, Morelos and Lundstram were woeful. I hate to jump on the sack the manager bandwagon but how long do we humour his rebuilding project. I don’t expect anything from the games against Napoli and Ajax but domestically we really have to think about the treble. I hear that Stevie G will be available in a week or so. 😅

  3. Hmmmm still think we are in with a shout of this title then …..?
    Let’s face it we are rank rotten from top to bottom. .
    They would beat us by at least 3 again .
    Who will be sacked first GED or GVB ,shows the poor standard of coach we have had in recent times they are running neck and neck for the Dan mack .
    We must appoint better qualified manager next …gio yer Ts oot! .

  4. It was absolutely excruciating to watch, l left 10 mins onto the second half, I’m glad I’m 95% an armchair supporter, sadly l got a ticket for the game and l do not care if anyone slags me off calling me a subway loyal fan, l really had to get out of there fast

  5. It’s a race between Gio and Liz Truss to see who goes 1st but both parties who backed them should go too , Rangers board have became something that you’d read about in a comic .

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