Gio gives Kent and Morelos update, and it’s far from good for Rangers

Gio gives Kent and Morelos update, and it’s far from good for Rangers
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 25: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers celebrates his opening goal with Ryan Kent during the UEFA Europa League group A match between Rangers FC and Sparta Praha at Ibrox Stadium on November 25, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst has admitted there’s nothing new with Ryan Kent or Alfredo Morelos’ contract negotiations, as both players avoid the media and exits look inevitable.

Many months ago Ibrox Noise conjectured that the delays on both deals were primarily based on getting in the UCL, and that the moment the club was confirmed in the group phase, the Rangers duo would sign on the dotted line.

That’s not come close to happening, and with four UCL matches come and gone, it’s just silence from both parties with regards their future.

True, neither Morelos or Kent have ever been particularly big on media duties, but Kent especially used to occasionally dip into the odd interview or press conference – these days are done now, and the last time we saw him interviewed was May this year, pre-Seville.

Since then, pure radio silence, while Morelos was never a media darling in the first place and avoids any chat with journos or even the club at the best of times.

And Gio has now confirmed the same as before, absolutely nothing new.

An exit definitely looks likely for both – neither of them are happy right now, Kent is playing tragically and Morelos has lost his place, and the best the manager can do is the tired old ‘Ross Wilson is talking to them’ but we know that’s flimsy at best.

Both have offers, and the ball is in their respective courts, with neither of them seeming interested in signing.

We’re not going to go the Connor Goldson route here, by saying 100% they’ll leave – they may well, like the defender, get no useful offers and decide last-minute just to accept the deal. We ended up looking like idiots (nothing new there right) when the big stopper did end up signing.

So even by early next summer we might not know the outcome in either case, going by past history.

But the fact two players in their mid-twenties are free to chat to other clubs in January and haven’t signed their deals by late October does hint strongly they’re gone.

And Gio is doing very little to suggest otherwise.

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  1. Don’t worry, Gio will be gone before either of those 2 sign pre-contracts with anyone else

    Let us be honest here, who gets motivated to play I’m the Scottish premiership season after season, crap stadiums with 3 men and a dug watching, wages piss poor, getting harassed every time they go out into Glasgow for dinner or a night out, after 3 seasons l would be desperate to leave as well and hopefully get a contract with a rich English team playing against some of the best players in the world every week

    Scottish football is absolutely corrupt to the core, its dire and forever will be

  2. Or as ask yourself this ,would it actually be more worrying if they DID sign . The guts of 60000 a week /3.1 million a year squandered on wages for the next 4 years on players who turn it on when they feel like it /think they are above playing here .
    Reinvest that money in players who ARE commited and want to play for us .

  3. It’s sad to say but I’m pretty much beyond caring about these two players future at the club now. People go on about Kent not being great lately but when was he last actually great and I mean a run of matches where he was unplayable? I don’t actually remember such a scenario at all. He has sometimes raised his game for big matches to be fair and shown us that with the right application he can be a real handful but he was always Gerrard’s boy and that has been more than obvious domestically at least.

    Morelos on the other hand we would all love to see rattling in goals for fun like he used to but when he gets his chance he doesn’t really look like he is trying to impress anyone. He gets his goal, does a knee slide pointing to the shirt but seems like you couldn’t even force a pen into his hand to sign a contract. He is all about social media these days and as with Kent I feel like it would be better to cut our losses now.

    The combined outlay for them was around £8m and they have probably repaid most of that on the pitch by these days standards give or take. If we were to resign them and get no improvement then we are lumbered with a pair of prima donnas that can’t get a move elsewhere and we’d be paying them a higher wage to boot. Cheerio!

  4. What’s the doom and gloom for, both will sign pre contracts in January, both show little interest on the field, both have contributed to poor team performances, be thankful that wages will be freed up to replace both with several players that have The Rangers at heart, on the other hand I will laugh at new contracts being rewarded to failures, if in doubt chuk rhem out.

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