Fleecing the fans and smearing 55 – Rangers board in a nutshell

Fleecing the fans and smearing 55 – Rangers board in a nutshell
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 19: Rangers Managing Director Stewart Robertson during the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Rangers and Motherwell at Ibrox Stadium on December 19, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. The match will be played without fans, behind closed doors as a Covid-19 precaution. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It all began in March 2021 – Rangers won 55, and the first thing the club did, rather than allowing fans to just celebrate the historic win, was to produce a title-winning top, a piece of merch.

Rather than us getting to wallow in victory and savour it, it was all about the club making merch and selling it to us. This theme continued, a board which seemed disinterested in what this meant to the fans, and a lot more interested in how to fleece us for it.

But the first real sign of how little of a **** they gave about either 55 or us was Flag Day. In fairness they hyped it up, but when it came to it, it was Douglas Park waddling over to the absolutely feeble excuse of a flag, and pulling on a bit of string.

Then walking away and that was that.

That’s right, 10 years of hurt, pain, the Journey and the biggest league win we’d yet had, and the occasion to pay homage to it was absolutely pathetic.

It brought images of the madman Kim Jong Un with those memes of his hilariously pathetic attempts to launch a rocket – this was about as feeble as that, and Rangers supporters absolutely deserved a bigger parade. Fireworks, a screen display, music – nope, it was just a damp squib.

After that it got no better, and we saw the cinch deal nonsense. Of course, most fans defended this, because they’d defend the club/board if they’d sang IRA nonsense at that point, but we didn’t – we call out Park over this and got dog’s abuse. And now you all see why we called it out, why we resented Park using Ibrox and our club to protect his own commercial interests.

And there’s been a litany of nonsense since then by a board unfit for purpose, far too many things to detail in one piece.

As much as Gio’s management is clearly under pressure, and rightly in question, the board’s part in where we’ve ended up is vast – they were absolutely complicit in all this disappointment and the only thing we’ve liked that they’ve done was appoint Gio, but then they tied his hands and made it impossible for him to succeed.

Yes, we have called out his many many errors too, and he’s clearly no longer the man for the job, but the board very much facilitated this.

It’s no wonder Gio has effectively flipped them the mickey.

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  1. Lack of investment and poor quality, to many players in the sick room, highly paid staff.
    Rangers need centre forward who can challenge high balls. The team have no passion.
    Lots of corner kicks but what’s worked out at the training,

  2. This is it isn’t it, ok saying the buck stops with the manager or in Gio’s case head coach, but the board is 100% at fault of where we are now. Pathetic flag unveiling to 3 poor transfer windows sums it up.

  3. According to reports there could be boardroom change very soon ,this current lot have allowed the club to become stale from top to bottom ,time for change and a chairman who wants to engage with the fans .

  4. I read today incredulously that the board (ie park) are again getting upset at the hampden semi final and banging on about cinch being advertised at the game ….I mean REALLY ?????
    The fans are enraged with performances ,signings ,lame duck management and again more cinch garbage !!! .
    I hope it is plastered all over the boards and the spl tell him where to go ,time for this guy to go quickly as it is apparent he is only interested in his investment and business ,not the standing and “performances” of our club.
    The american option is surely better then this greedy ,self interested individual .

  5. apoligies ,meeting at hampden to discuss cinch ,semi is of course premier sports sponsors.I do hope still a few posters up ,just to rile them …..

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