There is too much noise off the pitch for Rangers

There is too much noise off the pitch for Rangers
Rangers fans look on anxiously during the UEFA Europa League Semi-final, second leg football match between Rangers and RB Leipzig at the Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, on May 5, 2022. (Photo by Oli SCARFF / AFP) (Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

We’ve been asked by a few to give our tuppence on the SPFL cinch Rangers board latest fiasco which embarrasses the club, with the board demanding an apology over cinch and compensation otherwise we won’t vote regarding the Sky deal.

Then you have Dave King picking pre-the Old Firm shambles to pipe up slaughtering everything from the board to the transfer window to the manager.

We can’t completely disagree with all of the criticism aimed at the suits – we were the first to oppose Douglas Park’s behaviour over the cinch deal in the first place (despite most supporters slaughtering us at the time), and we certainly have our issues with some of the things the board has done.

In fact, it’s safe to say, since March 2021 and the securing of 55, they have run Rangers very, very poorly indeed, showing a real inexperience at this level with a lot of bad decisions, epitomised by the absolutely pathetic unveiling of the flag for 55, which was less than a damp squib of an occasion.

So by no means are we on board with the board unquestioningly.

But Dave King has a cheek too. We are far from his biggest admirer, although we know the majority of the fanbase would back and defend him even if he said ‘up the ra’ and drenched himself in Magners. He’s untouchable to many because it’s believed he saved the club, hence they take his word for gospel.

And they have every right to, but we’ve never been on board with him either. Definitely had more time for Paul Murray and John Gilligan, neither of whom mouth off anti-Rangers stuff in the press like King does. And they saved our club every bit as much as he did. Even if Murray didn’t exactly put a lot of cash in.

And let’s not forget King went initially to the Rangers-hating DR with his mouthings off (even his biggest fans did question that), and it wasn’t till he was told that was a bad idea that he changed tact and went to the Times’ Chris Jack instead. Which, these days, isn’t a whole heck of a lot better.

End of the day, the stuff off the pitch has become loud – very loud.

There are too many little annoyances simmering in the background and it’s beginning to detract from the work on the pitch.

Rangers’ board is making a hash of too many things, getting involved too much with spats with as many groups as they can, and frankly seem to cooperate with no one.

It’s true that our motto is no one likes us we don’t care, but in the business world, you have to have relationships even with the enemies, because end of the day, money is money.

And Rangers appear to be strangling every relationship possible.

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  1. Good coverage IN . The board will be held accountable come the agm and they will have to explain the off field interfaces again and how we stand with the SPfl and once again the hopeful closure of that twat Ashley . Its piss poor management of our great club ,, but the Cinch pish was also a fuck up by that wretch Doncaster and he should be held accountable to us and Donald Park instead of downing us by trying to circumvent any process that seems to block his stupid way saying we demanded this and that the rat.

  2. Apart from all the negative publicity we´re getting over sponsorship and tv rights our PR is a disgrace. Does any fan know the exact nature of Souter´s injury or when we might see Davies again?
    Our complete failure to talk to the fans is a joke. Who is responsible for communications right now?

  3. I agree with much of this but I think Rangers are correct to stand against the poor TV deal struck by Doncaster. And other SPL clubs should grow some balls and get behind them. £25m a season is peanuts. I’m fairly confident that we could probably sell the 4 Old Firm games alone for more than £25m. Then there are Rangers at Pittodrie, Easter Road and Tynecastle which are very sellable games. I know this might be meaningful money to SPL clubs but for the Old Firm it’s chicken feed.

    • Spot on Robrob57 you’ve called it correctly . It’s a poor mickey mouse deal for a set up that’s a disgrace . You’ve got to wonder what they are doing . I understand the short sightedness by those lesser members as they are money hungry, especially when they are not in the OF position.

  4. There’s lots of things that aren’t right about the club and need fixing, hell, even the online shop is appaling, so much so, i’ll never buy anything through it again. The PR is a disaster, seems we want to stoke fires on a few fronts and isolate ourselves. You get get away with acting like a petulant child when you are a genuis, when the major talking is done on the pitch, these rows fade to background noise but right now we’re not doing anything YET. I’m starting to wonder if there’s more disharmony going on behind the scenes than we’re aware of.

  5. Even though it may be true, we, as Rangers’ supporters should not be perpetuating the ‘no one likes us, we don’t care’ phenomenon. WE SHOULD CARE and we should’ve ditched that crass ditty years ago!

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