Controversy as UEFA dump major Rangers Champions League request

Controversy as UEFA dump major Rangers Champions League request
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UEFA have rejected Rangers’ request to have GSTQ played before kick-off, in place of the Champions League anthem, and along with no match flags or regalia, the match will be played in every other sense like a conventional league fixture.

Aside Rangers’ own sponsors covered up, as is typical for all clubs taking part in the UCL, and the Champions League insignia adorning the whole of Ibrox, everything about this match will be non-Champions League in tone, with no theme, and no logos on the pitch.

Rangers fans, it is said, are to ‘defy’ this by singing GSTQ but the fans do this in every match so it’s not really defiance at all, but typical Rangers songs being used as they usually are.

Are UEFA wrong?

Of course they are. To deny this request is the usual UEFA arrogance which has been particularly in existence ever since current chief Alex Ceferin took charge, and nothing which is to the clubs’ interest is supported by the governing body.

At least, we supposed, they have authorised the show of respect by not having their logos and banners all over the pitch for this one, with a more muted build up than typical for a UCL match, but their rejection of the GSTQ request is more than a spot distasteful.

As Ibrox Noise pointed out earlier (ignored by those who abused us for reporting the fact) national anthems don’t get played at UCL matches and never have.

But dispensation for this one should have been granted.

Typical UEFA.

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    • Uefa are so far up there own rear ends it was the same at the rememberance no poppies it’s about time it was a Brit in charge at uefa and I see they still used bent refs how much was the ref and VAR officials paid to make sure Napoli win last night uefa are officials are a big fraud get rid of the money grabbing officials get it back to the European cup run by the league’s of the country’s involved

  1. I wouldnt want to hear GSTQ before the game. I have sympathy for the Royals but im just a standard Rangers fan through and through and thats all im not a royalist, im also not SNP before im accused of that.

  2. I dont want GSTQ played. Im not an SNP guy before im accused of tht. But im also not a royalist im just Rangers through and through with no political stance.

  3. Apologies for the morons who disrespected a head of state who meant so much to so many, despite beliefs, she was a good woman who healed. I do hope Rangers get humped, I am no different from my friends your end, but disgusted the scumm that had banners and sang filth, most Celtic supporters agree, and those that do not are not supporters of a football team, some things should remain in the dark ages, we all lose folk, we all relate, and there should be no time for hatred.

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