A clarification on the Champions League theme at Ibrox

A clarification on the Champions League theme at Ibrox
MILAN, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 07: General view of the stadium big screen prior to the UEFA Champions League group C match between FC Internazionale and FC Bayern München at San Siro Stadium on September 07, 2022 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Francesco Scaccianoce/Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise reported last night that the Champions League theme is set to be axed for all home nation sides in the Champions League this week, in light of the recent passing of Her Majesty.

We got a lot of response to this, with an incredible amount of fans being abusive at us for publishing this story and saying GSTQ/K is more important.

So, we thought we’d clarify the point here:

National Anthems are NOT played at Champions League matches.

They never were.

Our story, which was very much a case of don’t shoot the messenger, was simply reporting the decision appeared to be taken out of respect for The Queen, that the UCL theme tune, traditionally played over the tannoys as the players line up, would not be played on this occasion. Meaning Rangers’ 12-year wait to hear it again in a Champions League group match at Ibrox goes on a little longer.

Someone argued it’s been played at the playoff, which it was, but again, this was missing the point about this being group.

Indeed, the level of rage this story attracted towards us was absolutely bewildering, and we cannot help wondering how much of the demand for the national anthem was inspired by Her Passing.

Understandable, but that’s not, and never was, how the UCL works.

In fact, it’s not and never has been how the Europa League works either and we didn’t hear those fans whining last season at the lack of national anthem before kick-off there either.

There may be dispensation for Rangers to request the national anthem, but UEFA would have to grant that, and we’re not aware yet of the club doing so.

In fact, the sudden hate for the UCL theme, the same one the same fans have been dying to hear again at Ibrox for a group match, was more than a bit galling.

So, for those who did actually understand the story, what we were getting at and were cordial, thank you.

For the abusive rest, maybe learn your facts before hurling insults eh? You sound like them from the east.

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  1. It is irrelevant to me what they play tbh ,more importantly we perform and get 3 points and of course show our respects before the game ,which I know we will do 100 % .

  2. “Disappointment for rangers fans” i think the problem was in the title l.N i think this could have been worded better
    When i read i thought wtf
    Her majesty has just passed so really theres no question to answer regarding anything,especially a champions league theme
    I dont think any rangers fans will be disappointed
    Case closed
    Onwards GSTK

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