Bum note again from Rangers’ board as Park goes AWOL

Bum note again from Rangers’ board as Park goes AWOL
The chairman isn't sitting happily on these numbers....

Today’s interview with vice-chairman John Bennett made more headlines for what it didn’t do than what it did, and for Ibrox Noise the biggest absence from it was the chairman himself, Douglas Park.

That it was left to the vice chairman to try to appease fans for the current state of affairs (something he miserably failed to do) rather than the main man at the helm of the club says everything for the regard Douglas Park now holds the fans, and indeed, the reputation of Rangers in.

We could spend all day analysing what Bennett said (not that it was terribly reassuring) but the fact is Douglas Park is the custodian of the club, the main man entrusted with its care, and that he has left this to Bennett just like the board left James Bisgrove to handle the farce of the Australian Old Firm on his own really demonstrates how aloof this regime has become and how unfit Park seems to be.

And we used to be by far Park’s biggest backers, us on Ibrox Noise – nothing but respect for him and felt utterly trusting of his stewardship.

Times have certainly changed, and while we don’t necessarily think he’s malevolent by any means, his leaving such a massive piece of PR to his assistant at a time when Rangers fans are unsettled and want a few answers from the man at the top really was yet another bum note.

With stunts like this, there is absolutely no wonder so many fans are unhappy with this board, and it’s starting to feel like they’ve run their course.

Ibrox Noise has the advantage that we are 100% independent and answer to no one – we do not participate in club propaganda exercises and as a result, we are 100% honest.

We will not feed you nonsense – all our analysis and content is a healthy mix of emotion and fact, with praise and criticism when either are merited.

And this latest action from the board is far more meriting of criticism.

Poor show.

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  1. The main thing you forgot to mention is that you really can’t affect board decisions or the management of the club IN . Mr Park and his fellow members are un-fireable due to the share position, however Mr King could make the changes if he wishes , but given the recent and dramatic history it seems unlikely . The AGM will be interesting . But we are not in a good position with signings the manager doesnt want and not so much financially but as a club .

  2. Exactly ,I commented yesterday that I found it very strange that the actual chairman could not come out and address the fans ,maybe if cinch had tried to re brand at ibrox he would have got up off his arse and showed some interest ? as thats when he really only seems to bother ! .
    As for bennet saying EVERY signing could take YEARS to materialise ,,,what ??? .The interviewer was plainly of a strict script ,I would have asked why it hasnt taken that long for the other mobs to gel , why our manager does not play new signings and just who has the final say on signings ,not hard really !
    There was so many questions left unanswered ,the only fair point was that they did NOT have 140 million in bank and estimates for CL were way of course ,and they had to watch every penny still .

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