James Bisgrove has a job to do at Rangers

James Bisgrove has a job to do at Rangers
The commercial director in the firing line over comms....

The rumours we heard yesterday over James Bisgrove have been greeted with an eery silence, and we do hope that’s all they were, but there have been a few accusations, with some merit we have to add, that the rest of the board have maybe thrown the commercial director under the bus with this one.

In short, James Bisgrove has been made a bit of a scapegoat, in a rather shocking turn of events which have seen him rightly lauded for over a year for a multitude of stonking deals, before one ‘Old Firm Friendly’ incident has seen an about turn from a section of fans who have decided Bisgrove is a rat, a fleece, and he’s screwing the support.

The change in sentiment the past two weeks since this friendly scandal was formally launched in Australia towards Bisgrove is a pretty poor show not only from the fans who have picked him as the man to blame for all ills right now, but from the board who left him in the spotlight, to carry out the interview for the Old Firm friendly, distancing themselves from the toxicity of it.

This was pretty poor – Douglas Park et al would have known all too well how well this shambles would be received, and he and the rest rather than advising Bisgrove this was a bad idea, left him instead to deal with the flak and the media.

And now, among many Rangers supporters, the commercial chief’s reputation is majorly on the line.

This deal appears to have been his brainchild, but he’s not a Rangers fan (as far as we know) nor does he need to be – his job is to earn Rangers money with as many deals as he can secure, and this offer looked good. He wasn’t aware of the flak such a fixture would entail.

But the other directors surely would have been aware, unless they are so far out of touch that they too thought it was a good idea.

Once it became clear it wasn’t, Bisgrove has been left to take it all on the chin.

Ok, let’s hold our hands up – we’ve done nothing but praise the man endlessly since he got the position, and it’s only fair you take a little criticism too if you make an error. No one is untouchable.

He clearly has errored here so it’s fair game to be harsh on him for once. But the reality is the rest of the board seems to have gone very quiet with regards defending him, and are instead just letting him take the fall alone.

Bisgrove has been a power of good, and it’s unfair how he’s being castrated by fans for it.

Some argue that he’s fleecing the fans for every penny, that all these commercial schemes are ripping fans off.

And you know what, they’re absolutely right. He is. And Ibrox Noise and our staff have bought various versions of the shirt, and this and that well aware of what the club is doing.

You know why? We’re in £25M deficit, and it means the fans as well as the directors have to help.

If you can’t afford the stuff, that’s ok, no one is judging you, we’re not all rolling in cash – if you can, great, help the club if you won’t end up skint from it. But at a time when we can barely afford a player, Bisgrove is doing what he can to fund the club from every avenue.

But let’s not lynch him for simply doing his job.

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  1. It’s Bisgrove’s job to bring in the deals that make us money. The more the better and the Australian gig certainly fulfilled that brief. It’s the Board’s responsibility to decide the impact each deal will have and decide which ones go ahead. In the same way as fans don’t have to buy every shirt, the Board don’t have to accept every deal put before them.

  2. Agreed Stuart , the man has brought Rangers to the next step financialy in a football backwater called Scotland. Especially in Scotland in 2022 with those green leaning nationalist despots ruining the country.

  3. Well yes exactly. None of this sounds nice . We have to remember we are in a country who has the SNP and they are the worst arseholes ever to creep into society.

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