A first for Rangers as club finally graces UCL BT Sports

A first for Rangers as club finally graces UCL BT Sports
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 22: The Champions League and BT Sport logos are seen on a microphone prior to the UEFA Champions League group C match between Manchester City and Atalanta at Etihad Stadium on October 22, 2019 in Manchester, United Kingdom. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

Well here we go, it is here at long, LONG last, but the one thing which really stands out for Ibrox Noise is that this will be the first group match of the Champions League Rangers have played in the BT Sport era.

We’ve hinted at this once or twice, and indeed many of you will be too young to even remember the days when the Champions League was under monopoly of Sky Sports in the UK, and in the even earlier days, when STV would show our matches.

Nowadays it’s all exclusive on BT Sport, who secured the rights for around £800M in 2013, but who’ve seen it literally double since then and now pay around £1.6B to exclusively cover the Champions League and Europa League in the UK.

And for the near-decade they’ve had those rights, Rangers have been miles away from this level, miles away from Europe’s premier club competition.

In fact, we make no bones about it – the Champions League, American sport aside (and possibly including), is by an absolute distance the biggest sports tournament on earth with just the world cup an exception. Some would even include the world cup.

So yes, the UCL is where we want to be, and finally we are, and will grace BT Sports in this competition for the very first time.

Only took 9 years…

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