“You’re having a laugh Gio – 2” – Rangers player ‘ratings’ on a miserable afternoon

“You’re having a laugh Gio – 2” – Rangers player ‘ratings’ on a miserable afternoon
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 20: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers is seen after an incident that earned him a red card during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Hibernian FC and Rangers FC at on August 20, 2022 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Another abysmal SPL performance on our travels has come and gone, and Ibrox Noise ‘rates’ a horrific afternoon in Leith as Rangers fell to what felt like a loss at Easter Road.


If Gio was in any doubt this guy isn’t Rangers class, his absolute non-movement for the equaliser would have dispelled it. He is NOT RANGERS CLASS. Deputy, fine, but number one? You’re having a laugh, Gio. 2


Completely caught for the opening goal, let the man behind him, and aside the obligatory penalty, he didn’t produce much at all. Usual sh*te performance following a big new deal. 4


For once we actually couldn’t blame him for the opening goal, but otherwise as per usual he was blaming everyone else for pretty much everything he could. He must be a horrible team mate to be around. 3


Despite being absolutely exposed for the opening goal (he was massively at fault for it) he actually played otherwise rather well. Much better than Goldson anyway. 6


Stonking assist for the second goal but otherwise a distinct backturn from recent performances. Looked distracted and was massively caught for the opening goal. 5


He has NOT been at the level this season he was last. We’ve tried to be generous with him but this was a poor afternoon from him and unless we’ve misread the rules, cynical tackles from behind are straight reds. Even if it wasn’t, he gave the ref a decision to make. Poor. 3


Robbed of the ball, straight off his toes more than once, and while he’s alright going forward, he’s a shadow of what he was. Didn’t get a foothold at all out there. 4


Jesus Christ Gio give this guy a place on the bench. He is flat as a pancake right now, looking distracted and needs a spell on the sidelines. Nothing to do with resting, he’s just not himself. 4


If you take away his admittedly belting goal he was ****ing horrible. At least two woeful pieces of ball play and then he was removed not long after scoring. He hasn’t really consistently impressed us yet. 5


This guy has been a terrible signing so far. One good 45 when we’d already won v Saints isn’t enough – he looks clueless and isolated. He fell twice on the Easter Road pitch with no one near him. He’s not got going at all and he was ineffectual today. 3


Won the penalty but got no service – back to the strangulation of his struggles when Rangers travel. 5


Arfield King Davis:

4 – none of them made a difference, but true, we were down to about 3 players at this point.


Red all day long, sorry. He’s a complete shadow of his old self at the moment. 0


Another one Gio got all wrong. He picked too strong a team that was clearly distracted by Wednesday and his changes made no difference. He is REALLY struggling away from home with this club. 3

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  1. You are being over generous with McLaughlin, the guy is utter dog shit

    Tav had a bad day at the office, form will return soon,

    Sands, should not even get a place on the subs bench

    Goldson, l hate his fucking guts and that’s putting it mildly

    Barisic, quicker he goes the better

    Lunny, like Tav, a very very bad day at the office, deserves to be out the team, give him the kick up the arse he needs

    Jack, please leave our team, you are a wage thief, mu loyalty to you has finished NOW GET TO FUCK

    Kent, another who can get to fuck ASAP

    Matondo, l pray whoever brought this fucking clown to the team must be sacked ASAP

    Alfie, l fucking worship the ground you walk on, but you are turning into your former self

    Gio… this was coming, just surprised it hasn’t sooner, l doubt you are the man to take us forward, and wave by by to the Champions league on Wednesday, you are to fucking blame for this mess, another bad result like that l will drag you out of lbrox myself

    • Hang your head in shame. Ryan Jack is one of us and has been a great servant to this club. Regardless of how well or otherwise he played today to call him a wage thief is a disgrace.

  2. I can’t argue with any of that IN . That was the worst since the game at the midden last season. Kent is not engaged at all. Jack I’m sorry is done.
    Goldson Im tired of complaining about that arsehole he’s taking the pish , he exposes everyone else and moans , why ??? Lunstram was awful but not a red especially given the earlier Doyle Hayes challenge , awful refereeing. Morelos wtf ! Pressure is on GVB….can’t see Hearts getting buggarall at the breeze block dome ….

  3. Your having a laugh 2 for McLaughlin he had no chance with that equaliser and had made a great save a few minutes earlier. You obviously don’t rate the guy but get off his back. Vent your fury at Morelos for stupidly getting sent off and putting his team mates in the shit and with bombscare Goldson in front of him I think McLaughlin has done well.

  4. Our CB’s are non existent, we’d be better playing with NONE. Our whole defence just looks shakey when we’re in posession and knocking passes abt they dnt look confident doing this. And its the same out of possesion, defence just doesnt looks confident at all. I just wish we had Katic and Balogun or Helander in there, 3 good options and our manager got rid of 1 and is trying to get rid of a other. Sands isnt as bad as Goldson but hes no CB hes a MF stuffed into a CB position. Goldson signing that contract is the worse thing that could have happaned to us as Gio wont drop him.

  5. second goal was entirely the fault of goldson, he ducked out of the way of the shot instead of standing up and taking one for the team, we need to change his name, he’s not been gold for a very very long time.

  6. Totally agree, the big keeper made a couple of good saves before the 2nd equaliser, if we held on for the win I’m sure we’d be singing his praise. Morelos sold the Jerseys on this occasion…

  7. This is such a knee jerk reaction. At least wait until the dust settles before making ratings. I mean some of these ratings ur emotions clearly clouded your judgement. I mean 2 for McLaughlin. I know u don’t like him but that shouldn’t come into play here. I would give him a 4 or 5. He wasn’t at fault for either of the goals and he made some decent saves. The only negative was his distribution. When ur back is to the wall you’ve got to relieve some pressure not kick it into the stands. Lundstrum so far this season has been solid so far. The only game where he was poor was USG away. On top of that r u really writing off matondo already. I mean really. He wasn’t great but ur making sound that he’s been honking. He’s shown some great moments in the league so far. 1 goal and 3 assists is not bad. R we forgetting he’s only 21 he’s still got some development to do. Was this a good result no. We weren’t at our best but we’re making sound like the seasons is already is over. The season is a marathon not a sprint. There are promising signs and as the season goes on I’m sure we’ll improve. Look at across the city they lost 2 games by October but did they stop and cry about. The transfer window isn’t over and I can see us making 1 or 2 more signings.

  8. In all the games I have watched John McLaughlan , I have not once saw him make a diving save. You know the shot stopping leaps that all good goalkeepers do with ease. As a former goalkeeper myself, I know you can have bad days and you can have days when nothing is getting passed you. But McLaughlan to me shows none of the attributes of a good goalkeeper. Yesterday he was not even coming off his line for cross balls. The very reason McGregor was dropped. I’m sorry but if McGregor is not the man then young McCrory must be given a chance. He is a far better goalie than John McLaughlan will ever be.

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