“You’re a coach as well?” – Gio takes major jab at Sky reporter

“You’re a coach as well?” – Gio takes major jab at Sky reporter
Gio on Sky taking a dig....

Giovanni van Bronckhorst showed his first hint of teeth baring after jabbing gently at Luke Shanley on Sky Sports, jibing him that he’s a coach, after the reporter ‘told’ him he had to make sure that he didn’t have to make too many changes.

In a rare bearing of fangs, Gio showed he’s no pushover despite his very calm exterior and the exchange left Shanley in no doubt who was boss.

The reporter said:

‘You have to make sure that you don’t make too many changes so you keep that momentum going.”

Now, he worded this badly, and did prefix it with ‘do you’ as a question, but failed to say ‘do’ with any might (barely audible) (making what should have been a question into a statement) and Gio mocked him:

“Is it yeah, is it good, you’re a coach as well”…

While there was a slight loss in translation here in that Shanley didn’t mean it as a statement, Gio took it as one and for the first time as Rangers manager took a little bit of a dig at the press as a result.

Of course, it was an error, Shanley didn’t mean it that way, but it’s good to know for sure that GVB is no walkover and will stand up for himself and his club if need be.

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  1. About time somebody stood up for our club because all the rest are as weak and as loud as a mouse for years, we just sit and take every bit of flak and whatever decisions against us, our board is absolutely useless and spineless and have been for decades

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