Rangers fans rage at Collum as ref sits on controversy

Rangers fans rage at Collum as ref sits on controversy
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 20: Willie Collum rushes over to red card Alfredo Morelos of Rangers during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Hibernian FC and Rangers FC at on August 20, 2022 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Ok, w’re going to take on Willie. That’s right, Mr Collum gets his very own article about his performance yesterday.

And boy, has the man in the middle been slaughtered or what?

Well, if there’s been a recurring theme this season, in every match Rangers haven’t won, it’s to blame the ref.

That’s right, one of the world’s best refs, Daniele Orsato, who presided over the PSV draw, was blamed massively in part for the outcome.

And then Irfan Peljto was blamed for the penalty conceded by Connor Goldson in Belgium.

And last but not least, Collum hugely at fault for the draw to Hibs.

In other words, some Rangers fans have taken to blaming the referee for Rangers’ bad results every time they happen.

This is very timmy behaviour, I’m sorry.

We don’t deny refs make mistakes, and get things wrong now and then, but to bring out the referee card (pun intended) as a cause of Rangers’ failings is just deflecting the issue.

Yes, most fans have also acknowledged that Rangers haven’t been sparkling this season, but far too many are focused on the ref.

So many supporters have argued the refs in Scotland are terrible, and how we need better refs, but when results go against us in Europe it’s the same argument, that the ref is terrible.

We’d like to move away from this way of thinking.

We know fine well Collum is no Collina, but he’s not why Rangers didn’t win yesterday.

So let’s stop pretending referees are the problem here.

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  1. Definitely a part of the problem, only a small part, but a part nonetheless.
    Who’s the ref that robbed us of victory over Dortmund for Morelos’ “foul”?
    Collum was choking to send someone off, as per usual, he’ll think he levelled the playing field after giving a soft penalty. Needed an UFA type performance after Morelos went back 2 years and got himself correctly sent off.
    If we struggle next with Ross County, its going to be a long season🙈

  2. I have no idea what you were watching. Did we play well no we were up 2-1 until Collum sends JL off that changed everything right there, Alfie is a red but the mist had descended with him because of the JL call.

  3. You’re wrong this time, Rangers would have won that game yesterday if Collum hadnt got the Lundstrom decision so badly wrong.
    Rangers would have seen the game out no problem.

  4. I’m not one to blame referees (often) and have said on here often that we aren’t playing well but on Saturday we were 2-1 ahead before Lundstram was unfairly sent off. If we held out to 90+3 minutes with 9 men before losing the equaliser then surely we would’ve won the match with 11 men.
    And I’m sure Hearts fans will be unhappy with their referee today after 3 yellow cards and 2 red cards(both double yellow) from 12 fouls. That’s a remarkable 7 yellows from 12 fouls.

    • Spot on Robrob57 both of those culprits in black are of course of a certain persuasion. Colum is a Rangers hater as is Clancy , its corrupt and blatant. The numbers don’t lie …no yellows for the rotten mob today …but several fouls at least three from Calton Vickers but 5 yellows and 2 reds forcthe Jambos really !!!!!…it stinks

  5. Games are being won and lost with fine margins so everything gets scrutinised looking for reasons and answers. Fact is, we’re not playing well at the moment, too slow in our passing & too intricate in the box as we try and walk the ball into the net. We can’t control refs decisions, but we can control our own players, anyone not performing (looking at the Coward Golston) shouldn’t be on the park, Morelos is quite rightly getting pelters but Golston IMO is just as guilty in aiding hibs in the result.

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