Rangers fans finally begin to accept James Sands

Rangers fans finally begin to accept James Sands
Ranger's midfielder James Sands and PSV's Dutch midfielder Xavi Simons fight for the ball during the UEFA Champions League play-off football match between PSV Eindhoven and Rangers FC at the Phillips stadium in Eindhoven on August 24, 2022. - - Netherlands OUT (Photo by Olaf Kraak / ANP / AFP) / Netherlands OUT (Photo by OLAF KRAAK/ANP/AFP via Getty Images)

If there was one recurring comment we saw on our fb page last night, it was praise for James Sands.

We did giggle at a few folks giving us abuse for criticising him, even one or two doing so directly on our site.

Because, of course, regular readers will know we’re the ONE site who has completely, 100% and entirely backed Sands in face of the frankly disgraceful abuse he’s taken.

And we’ve been mocked for it.

So, it stands to reason we’re being criticised for abusing him now (!)

But, getting away from crazy internet nutters who clearly can’t read, we’re absolutely delighted to see the turnaround in opinion over Sands after his excellent display last night.

Yes, a couple of passes were hairy, and he did make one or two bad calls, but overall this was a coming of age performance from a young player who has been ridiculously lambasted by 99% of fans who frankly don’t know their backsides from their elbows.

Sands didn’t really do much different last night to what he’s been doing all season, it’s just his detractors chose to ignore it before.

We saw stats pointing out he was the best player on the pitch v Union Saint, despite the fact every one of you abused his performance that night and called us idiots for rating him 6/10 and our best player on an otherwise very bad night.

And v PSV it was much the same display, just a fickle change of heart.

In truth, Sands deserves the credit – he’s been consistent and Gio has stuck by him steadfastly. There’s a reason for that, and it’s not just the disappointing starts for Davies and Souttar, it’s because Sands is a fine young player.

Remember, he’s only 22, and already one of the best in his position in the SPL.

In Holland, he’s finally been recognised for it.

Pity you didn’t want to see it sooner.

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  1. Love the guy,
    Slagged him off first game
    But boy he has come good as each game he plays
    Man of the match for me against ***s on saturday

  2. Listen a good article. The criticism has been justified at times tbh but not to the extent he has had but Gio has to take partial blame for that

    Hear me out this is a kid who has came all the way over from America in January so what should have happened then would have been good to give him a few minutes here and there to bed him in like play him against Stirling Albion in the cup in January but no Gio flung him straight into Pittodrie when he was nowhere near ready thats what happened and we never saw him for a good while after that. Fleeting glimpses the same happened with Diallo at the Piggery.

    Some players when new take some time to bed in some new players you need to take time to decide when to make their debut.

    In my opinion its hard for players to make debuts at the likes of Pittodrie,Easter Rd ,tynecastle and the said piggery.

    So yes in answer to your Article he dies deserve credit for settling down,playing well and out of position too .

    Could he be the new Bassey???????????

  3. The lad is really growing on me. Similar to Bassey, he still produces a lapse of concentration or a ‘heart in the mouth’ moment, but puts in a solid performance. But he’s Katic brave and doesn’t hesitate to get stuck in.

    McLaughlin, Sands, Wright, all the new signings. One thing they all have in common and one thing they can’t complain about – Gio is giving them all a chance to prove themselves. So should we.

  4. Have never criticised Sands. Last night he became a man with an awesome performance. Other fans have been harsh on him but last night he proved then all wrong.

  5. Sands is beginning to remind me of Calvin Bassey. He does some great things in games then throws in the odd monumental mistake. Also, like Bassey, I don’t believe he is a centre back. But he’s young and can learn.

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