Rangers exit confirmed as ‘Surplus Five’ reduces to two

Rangers exit confirmed as ‘Surplus Five’ reduces to two
Simpson's Rangers nightmare is over at last (Credit Cardiff City FC)

As Ibrox Noise told you many weeks ago, Niko Katic, Glenn Middleton, Jake Hastie, Jack Simpson and Stephen Kelly had been informed they were surplus and to find new clubs.

In the weeks since, three of them have been confirmed as sold permanently, as Middleton joined Dundee United, Hastie went to Hartlepool and Simpson was announced yesterday as sold to Cardiff.

Niko Katic has also been publicly instructed to find a new club (Split close to securing this), which leaves just Stephen Kelly as a little less clear.

As we’ve called them before, the Surplus Five just weren’t in Gio’s plans, and frankly few of them were actually good enough even to be squad for this club.

There’s also Gio’s vision, which basically means there’s a style and a player he likes, and even if Messi is at Ibrox, if Gio, or ‘the manager’ isn’t into his style, he’s surplus, even if he’s theoretically good enough.

The manager has clearly been putting his stamp on the team this summer, with £15M of signings so far and possibly more still.

And part of that processing is shipping out the dead wood.

Katic is said to be close to his move to Split, around £850,000 for the permanent transfer, and the ex-Bournemouth man Simpson, who we will cover in a later piece, has left to Wales, and the others have also moved on.

Just leaving Kelly. There’s also Kemar Roofe, but that’s a whole other story.

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