New Rangers deals for Kent & Alfie on one condition

New Rangers deals for Kent & Alfie on one condition
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 25: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers celebrates his opening goal with Ryan Kent during the UEFA Europa League group A match between Rangers FC and Sparta Praha at Ibrox Stadium on November 25, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It has become clear now that the simple reason Ryan Kent and Alfredo Morelos have not signed their new deals yet is they are waiting to see if we secure Champions League this season.

For young talented men with their careers ahead of them, signing the deal already only to be ‘trapped’ to another season of SPL and Europa League football would simply not be enticing.

As we’ve explained before regarding Kent, he’s happy at Ibrox and wants to stay, but after 4 years with the club, he would love to be rewarded with the CL this season, and is holding off a new deal for that reason. It’s understandable.

Morelos isn’t really that much different – like Kent he’d love to play in the PL and he’s never been shy about that, but the one thing which would trump that would be the CL.

For Aribo the potential of that wasn’t enough, and he chose the PL when the chance came up, but for Kent and Morelos, nothing tempting has surfaced and Rangers in the UCL is on the horizon.

But we need to get there.

If Rangers prevail over PSV to make the UCL group stage, Kent and Morelos will surely both sign on the dotted line.

Gio said a few weeks ago he hoped for Alfie to sign a new deal ‘in the next couple of weeks‘, but it hasn’t materialised yet, and clearly the Colombian, like Kent, is waiting to secure UCL before committing pen to paper.

It is of course a big ask – PSV are a hell of a team and this isn’t Kansas any more.

But hopefully Rangers defy the odds once more, get into the groups, and Kent and Alfie commit for longer.

Fingers crossed.

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  1. I’m a gambling man but this game l simply will not touch for a number of reasons, fingers and toes crossed we get a decent result tonight to take there next week is best that we can all hope for, I’m not one of these clowns on Facebook and twitter that are saying 3-1 to Rangers, this will be extremely tough, make no bones about it

  2. I’ve got news for Kent and Morelos. If they do leave this window then the Europa League would be a pipe dream and they are more likely to competing at the bottom end of the EPL. Be careful what you wish for boys.

  3. So if they don’t qualify for CL will they hope to leave for a club already in the CL?, doubt that very much,,if they not good enough to qualify,,who would want them in their team,,,can see them simmering away in the europa, if they don’t collapse first,,can see hibs grabbing at least a point this weekend,

  4. Rangers don’t need Kent and Morelos, if they aren’t going to give 100% Kent is not playing well and needs a rest , Morelos is not fit enough for the 90mins . Send in the young blood, at least they will play for their shirts 💯⭐ Shankill Ray ✋

  5. Don’t want to be playing for us, get rid of both of them . And pay the players who will give it there best ⭐

  6. Exactly why are we bothering with these 2 if they not 100 % commited ,not good enough ,they are also still there as no one wants them ,if they want to play out their contract and move either dump them in reserves or play them .Colak has proved almost certainly life after the buff and kent is far too inconsistent with not enough goals .

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