Farce in Paisley as St Mirren pay price for axing Blue Pound

Farce in Paisley as St Mirren pay price for axing Blue Pound
PAISLEY, SCOTLAND - JULY 05: A General View of the SMiSA Stadium prior to a Pre Season Friendly match between St Mirren and Northampton Town at SMiSA Stadium on July 05, 2022 in Paisley, Scotland. (Photo by Pete Norton/Getty Images)

Today’s amusing story from Paisley is an example of Scottish football and its shocking bitterness and backwards nature.

St Mirren, as most of you will know, cut Rangers’ allocation at St Mirren Stadium some time back to just one stand (Celtic too) having traditionally given the Famous half of the stadium, which was always jam-packed.

But they changed their mind, and cut it to just one, despite the fact they struggled to fill the two remaining stands regardless.

So now?

St Mirren are now asking fans, who don’t even show up, to donate £30 each to lessen the loss of the Blue Pound, despite the comical irony those supporters were eager for this scheme in the first place (!)

Think back to 2012, and the bitterness towards Rangers – every side aside the Famous voted for Rangers to be exiled to the Third Division apart from Kilmarnock, who abstained, in a classic act of cutting your nose off to spite your face.

The amount of clubs which fell into deep financial turmoil as a result of this decision (no Rangers fans at their home games twice a season) cannot be overstated.

So, St Mirren, who voted for Rangers to be exiled, and like most other clubs suffered financial trauma as a result, have now done it willingly again, and included Celtic in it this time, abolishing that extra stand.

And now the Paisley club find themselves in total shortfall, cap in hand, begging their fans to just ‘give’ them £30 a pop.

Have you ever heard of anything more ridiculous?

This is Scottish football in a nutshell.

The lunatics very much run the asylum.

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  1. Hibs on Saturday was the same with a near empty stand behind the goal. Are these clubs doing so well that they can afford to turn down around £100,000 in revenue 4 times a season? Petty and stunningly stupid.

  2. I think this just shows what an amateur shower the spl members are ,to think this lot vote for tv deals etc .Anybody reading this from another country would surely have a snigger or 2 EMBARRASSING.

    • Not at all. They get a very fair allocation of tickets relative to their home gates. How many tickets do you think we should give Ross County, Kilmarnock, St Johnstone etc. when they have home gates in the very low thousands. We can also easily sell the tickets we don’t give to them while they would rather see empty seats than sell them to us.

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