Did Alfredo Morelos deliberately sabotage Rangers?

Did Alfredo Morelos deliberately sabotage Rangers?
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 20: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers is seen after an incident that earned him a red card during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Hibernian FC and Rangers FC at on August 20, 2022 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

(Article written marginally in advance of today’s shock breaking news)

Am I the only one, but am I wrong in thinking Morelos wanted to get sent off on Saturday?

I’ve been thinking about whether to write this article, but after reading Tavernier’s rant about how stupid Morelos was, I think we might be missing something.

Did Morelos deliberately sabotage our team?

To get everyone up to speed, one thing professional athletes do is practice.

They practice every single move, until it becomes second nature.

They know exactly where to place their legs, to get the best balance and they especially know where their arms are, because penalties cost goals.

So, what does this have to do with Morelos wanting to get sent off?

Well, Morelos knows that throwing his arms around at the height of his fingers might take out an eye, or his elbow could take out a tooth, was going to get him a red card.

That is a 100% certainty when your name is Alfredo Morelos, and you decide to do it TWICE right in front of the referee.

And the video suggests he absolutely100% knew what he was doing, especially (and to repeat the point) he tried twice tried to smack the Hibs player. Oh yeah, this was a 100% straight red card. Any referee would have sent him off.

But the most damning point is Morelos knew we were already down to 10 men, and this specific referee was not his friend.

And, no, he wasn’t out of control. He actually smiled when he got the card. Yes, he smiled.

Morelos has a natural knack for knocking the ball over the line, but what do you think?

if Morelos has decided that he no longer cares (because that is what it looks like), should we just get rid of him and bring in a new striker before the summer transfer deadline closes on September 1st.

Or do we keep him, with the knowledge he just might (again) try to sabotage the team?

I for one have now had enough.

We have given him more than enough chances….

Let us know, because this one decision could either win us, or cost us the league.

Thank Morelos, you really helped us concentrate on a very important match tomorrow (!)

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  1. Spot on Derek , he’s a spoiled brat , immature arsehole. He does know to score but will never be anything more unless he stops this crap.

  2. Fully agree with this take on Morelos
    He’s too much of a risk for us now
    Time to move him on and for us to move on
    Nobody is bigger than the club

  3. He has let the team down once again. Please remember we are playing on Wednesday for a potential 30 plus million and as our main striker he is not fit, overweight and has a bad attitude. The manager has now correctly decided to drop him from the squad.

    No player is bigger than the club and he should be sold.

  4. I think the time has come now, free up 30k in wages we will only get Aribo prices for him no in his last year but if we found a 7million pound striker to replace him it could work out, but kamara also looks interested, we risk breaking appart a very good team, and appart from colak and Tilman the rest of the signings haven’t yet done the damage

  5. Trying to get sent off on purpose doesn’t square with his desire to get a move. He may think that it would push Rangers into saying enough is enough and cut their losses. But who would want to sign an overweight player with a bad attitude and poor disciplinary record (apart from Rangers).
    Sell if someone is stupid enough to enquire otherwise stick him in the B team until he changes his attitude and loses weight.

  6. What the actual are you lot on about ffs
    You all have short memories. Yes he was stupid. For me Goldson (after only signing cos nobody wanted him) shat himself rather than block a shot was just as bad

    • What we are on about Geo is a player who disrespects his fans, teammates and employers by refusing to stay in shape, a player who still hasn’t signed a new contract, a player who has said repeatedly that he wants to play elsewhere, a player who has no personal discipline, a player who plays when HE feels like it, and yes he’s STUPID. There are other strikers out there who bring much more to the club. His numbers actually aren’t that great, e.g. Roofe, despite his multiple injuries, has scored more league goals in his time at the club than Morelos and he’s done so playing far fewer games and many were off the bench.

  7. 100% correct need to get rid of this self centered guy not a team player unfit and really overweight contributes nothing at 26 he should have learned his lesson has to go

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