Connor Goldson costs Rangers yet more in Europe

Connor Goldson costs Rangers yet more in Europe
PAISLEY, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 16: Connor Goldson of Rangers reacts during the Betfred Cup Quarter-Final match between St Mirren and Rangers at The Simple Digital Arena on December 16, 2020 in Paisley, Scotland. The match will be played without fans, behind closed doors as a Covid-19 precaution. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

We don’t want to point the finger at Rangers players these days, but unfortunately we’re going to. And you know exactly who it’s at.

That’s right, Connor Goldson Esq.

The defender, who held us to ransom for 20 months before settling and signing the deal because no other clubs came in for him, was once again at huge fault for both of Tuesday’s goals.

Let’s go back here:

UEL final:

He was massively culpable for not clearing his lines, and letting the ball go straight through him to the gleeful striker.

Union Saint:

Turns his back on the play and loses all bearings, giving Saint a pretty easy finish. Then throws his arm up in an ‘unnatural’ position to cost us a penalty and the second goal.


Ducks, that’s right, he DUCKS the cross and closes his eyes, losing all awareness, heading the ball perfectly against the PSV striker, practically assisting the opener, then gets weakly beaten in the air having got caught for goalside for the second.

It is not fair to say Goldson cost us the UEL trophy and the incredible rewards that came with it, but the more goals his incompetence leads to, the more we have to question his legitimacy for playing for this club at this level.

Now let’s be clear – Goldson was arguably the top-rated defender in the UEL last season, his stats being outstanding.

But in the final that counts for sweet EFF A if you don’t clear your lines. It counts for the same amount if you make two clear gaffes in Belgium requiring the team to bail you out in the second leg.

And it counts for even less if you cost your side two goals in the first leg putting a group place in the UCL in serious doubt.

All the abuse James Sands has been getting, and we wonder how much of it is being tarred by association with Goldson, who has a mistake in him every time it counts.

We aren’t trying to pin everything on Goldson, any little thing that goes wrong, but Lord he doesn’t half make it easy to do so anyway.

He’s untouchable, undroppable, immune – and he will be so for the next four years.

It doesn’t matter what this piece said, it doesn’t matter if you agree or you don’t – it’s moot.

He will always play. Nothing else we can add.

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  1. Totally 100 % correct. He’s a liability. Sands is no CH but like Souttar he is slaughtered by association of being Goldsons partner. He was awful last night , he was poor against Union he was poor against Killie . GVB will have to take what comes cause you don’t need to be a football expert to see this guy is a liability. Just cause he’s big and reasonable in the air is no excuse to play him , mistake after mistake ffs. No wonder he doesn’t get injured he committed to buggerall. When Katic , Hellander , Balogun played with him they put in block after block he does nothing . It will cost us the CL and the SPFL if we don’t fix this now.

  2. Always the same,making many faults and then looking at his teammates,raising his eyes and hands up to the sky.Don’t know what he is looking for but I’m sure his face say everything,that’s not my fault.Horrible….

  3. Raising his arms and looking every where around for someone to blame is his signiture move , never in my 70 rangers supporting years have I wished for a player of any team to suffer a career ending injury or bad luck ,but I just cant see this man being replaced any other way.Please god make Geo wake up today and relize this man is not Rangers class .

  4. Total agreement, at least I’m not alone in thinking he’s a bomb scare who’s not slow in passing the buck. As for their second goal I thought he was trying to bomb in the local pool .practically went into a ball when he tried to (jump)

    • I thought I was the only one who thought this, he’s worse than Bert “Bombscare” Konterman ever was

  5. I have always wanted to let him go, every corner ! free kick my nerves are shattered. I would not pay him in the Linfield Team . He is a total nightmare, so is the left side of our defence. Rangers have to get there act together soon 🤡 or the Scum Bags of Glasgow will be in their glory. Shankill Ray ✋

  6. Bang on, nobody wanted him from the English league he held rangers to ransom now like a bad smell he’s not going away.

  7. You say you are not trying to pin everything on Goldson then blame him for throwing his arms into an unnatural position for the penalty against Union. Come on be fair! Everyone and their Granny including IN said that was a ridiculous penalty award and Goldson could do nothing about it.
    As for the PSV game I accept he was poor at the second goal but how about calling out some of our other players. It seems to me if Goldson doesn’t attack the ball then no one else will, e.g. the first goal when Lundstram ducked and shut his eyes. The ball should’ve been cleared at the front post but wasn’t.

  8. I agree with you completely and what I find most annoying about him is that he NEVER accepts responsibility when someone is left unmarked or he makes a mistake that costs a goal; he ALWAYS throws his arms up in the air in a “it’s not MY fault/who can I blame this time” gesture.

    When is some journalist going to ask Gio the tough question……

  9. Selling your best defender with vital euro qualifiers just weeks away doesn’t make any sense to me!!Holding on to Shirley for one more transfer window wouldn’t have been such a bad idea!They would still have got twenty million maybe it’s another club who come in for him aa hi buyers didn’t want to wait but hindsights a beautiful thing…..

  10. Agree 100% for a man his size he is pathetic in the air , we needed Balogan and Helander no Goldson and Sands is no a centre half.

  11. A centre half should be comfortable on the ball he has to think about what foot to kick it with his heading and distribution is poor couldn’t tackle supper .a liability all round not much sense improving all round when he brings nothing to the table.

  12. I have been saying this for years,only reason he signed is because nobody wanted him. I feel sorry for sands not being a natural CB and having to play alongside Goldson. Soutter was brought in to replace Goldson, I would give him a chance in his own position along side Davies.

  13. I thought that I was the only one seeing this. The guy is ever present as the best CH at Ibrox is never fit, big Phil. I only thought we tied him to a contract to sell him, hopefully that is the case. Car crash doesn’t come close to explaining watching him on a weekly basis.

  14. I agree , Goldson has a mistake in him every single game and looks to blame everyone else, almost every goal we lose comes down our right side where Tav and Goldson ard always culpable , we need a centre half who will attack every ball and a right back who can defend, more importantly i really think we need to invest in a keeper who can command his area without relying on Goldson

  15. He was probably Ty blame for ninety percent of all goals we lost last season a total bombscare at every set piece

  16. Totally agree, I’ve said to my mates for last 4 years that Goldson’s absolutely terrible and has cost the team dearly, he wouldn’t get a game for Kilsyth Rangers never mind the famous. Just can’t understand what Gio sees in him, also Tav isn’t a defender and every team we play against know to get the ball down the left wing as Tav won’t reach it to defend. I could write more but as a season ticket holder I don’t want to be more critical, however Gio has to waken up before it’s too late.

    • He cannot defend corners and he cant attack them at the other end. his passing is also shocking. Balogan and Katic much better options. Billy big baws not wanted down south so he signed a new deal Tav is pathetic as a defender. never where he should be. too busy taking all the corners free kicks and throw-ins.

  17. He is easily the worst centre back i have seen in sixty years to put on the jersey. Culpable for so many goals.

  18. I have said this for the last three years, he didn’t want to stay we should have let him go in the summer. He has cost us two goals against PSV and the task looks very hard now. Sands is not a natural defender and can’t cover for him like bassey and balogan did. Katic should have been retained. We must trust Geo’s judgment maybe he will have a great game next week, pigs might fly as well.

    I just don’t know what Geo and Gerrard see in him.

  19. Poor guy gets it for the lack of back up from other players, he has no central defence to support him, full backs go awol, especially Tavernier who flounders forward thinking he’s a winger and fails to cover his defensive duties, a midfield that’s also rather static once losing the ball, yes jump on Goldson once again.
    During Europe cup final it was Bassey who lost the ball for the equaliser, Tavernier was again posted missing, and as for Ramsey, why was so much money spent on a bench warming grossly overpaid dud.

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