Calvin Bassey is gone – what have Rangers actually lost?

Calvin Bassey is gone – what have Rangers actually lost?
Rangers' Italian-born English defender Calvin Bassey attends a team training session at the Rangers Training Centre in Glasgow on May 12, 2022, ahead of their Europa League final football match against Eintracht Frankfurt on May 18th. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

One thing we’ve really not discussed is Calvin Bassey and his exit.

Finally officially confirmed yesterday, the 22-year old Nigeria international put pen to paper on a ‘no brainer’ (his words not ours) deal at Ajax netting the Famous an eventual £22.5M.

There appears no 10% sell on clause unless it’s hidden from the official announcement, but this is getting away from the Bassey sale itself.

How do we actually feel about it here on Ibrox Noise?

Honestly? Absolutely thrilled.

This is the best sale in the history of our club, because of so many factors. And we’re going to detail them to you now.

As a defender, Bassey was good at times, great sometimes, and gaffe-ridden at others. He was very much a developing defender, and much of his game was actually cleaning up his own errors. Remember even in the final, his high-profile mistake, slipping at a terrible moment near the touchline but catching his man and stopping the attack?

Everyone focused on the recovery, and the pace of it, no one looked at the mistake he’d made to require it. And Bassey did that a lot, small errors in concentration which he’d then mostly recover. He made another giant one in the final, which was taking his eye off his man, and while Connor Goldson SHOULD have cleared the ball before it got to Bassey, the fact he’d let his man get goal side cost us as much as any other error in that final. He was as culpable as the rest.

What we’re saying is he is/was a young defender who’s still learning his trade – and Ajax clearly see the potential, but it did cost us now and then.

This is not to decry him – as we say he has a tonne of potential, but regulars to Ibrox Noise will know there are a lot of pure CBs at Ibrox we always preferred (subjectivity, always have our favourites) and actually rated higher, while we always love Borna as a LB.

Whether this means we don’t have a clue is for you to judge not us – if Bassey ends up at Real Madrid or Man City in a couple of years, it’s evidence that we probably don’t!

But for £20M initial rising to £23M you won’t hear us complaining.

In terms of good? He is big, strong, and pretty quick. He has upper body power and he’s imposing – his value is a result of being so versatile. He can do both CB and LB with equal comfort, even if, to this day, he still doesn’t actually like the CB position.

Rangers pulled off a stormer here. We sold a former fringe player who cost us £250,000 for £23,000,000. This is even better than Celtic’s deal for Dembele – they paid £500,000 and got £19.5M total.

Calvin Cash has made all the difference to our club, and frankly we at Ibrox Noise don’t even feel like we’ve weakened as a team.

Onwards and upwards.

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  1. completely agree. a fit and on form barasic and a fit helander and bassey is on the bench for me. not a first pick, but the lad could be phenomenal

  2. Excellent piece IN . He was sometimes a little bull in china ish . This was a superb peice of scouting for which we should always be grateful . Tremendous business to gather that much money for young Bassey. Now we need to move forward and find more gems , Matondo looks the part .

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