Rangers rise to 34th in Euro rankings as latest table revealed

Rangers rise to 34th in Euro rankings as latest table revealed
Former Netherlands midfielder Aron Winter holds the slip of Rangers FC during the draw for UEFA Europa League football tournament at The Grimaldi Forum in Monaco on August 31, 2018. (Photo by Valery HACHE / AFP) (Photo credit should read VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images)

Rangers’ extraordinary exploits in Europe have been recognised again after the Ibrox side hiked up several places in the latest European order of merit, sitting very nicely at 34th.

Proudly sitting alone and not even sharing that spot with anyone else, Rangers are currently regarded as the 34th best team in Europe, with only the very very cream of the continent above them and the likes of Feyenoord, AC Milan, Marseille, Monaco and PSV well below them.

Celtic are joint 49th alongside luminaries Rennes and CSKA.

It just highlights once again the incredible rise of Rangers in Europe, on top of earning Scotland a direct spot in the CL group stage, plus runners-up now straight into the third spot of qualifiers as a seeded side, which now sees the Govan giants at the very top of European football.

Indeed, given Rangers are justifiably in the top 34, and probably higher, it’s clear to see now we belong once again at the CL table, and hopefully will secure that this summer.

The Champions League of course has 32 sides in it, and Rangers are clearly close to peerage with all of these.

Just a crying shame it’ll be Celtic humiliating themselves completely out of their depth for certain and ruining the co-efficient Rangers have built.

Que sera.

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  1. According to the daily record this morning, Scotland have moved up the Co Efficient due to great work from Rangers AND Cel lol. Aye naebother DR lol.

  2. Dutchy spot on . That shower are lucky to get a week in Majorca that’s how much they and the rest of Scotlands slash contribute to Europe. They will be in the conference thing very quickly. We alone created this place in Europe nobody else . Do we get any credit …do we fuck. WATP GSTQ

  3. Bill see if you take into account every team from the same country divides the overall co efficient score, they all 100% drag the overall score down. Say we win a game in europe, it gets divided by 5 !! Cos 5 scottish teams entered. But only 1 team actually wins there games lol. So the other 4 lose then bring the overall score bk down mate

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