Rangers family loses cherished member as disgraceful smears set in

Rangers family loses cherished member as disgraceful smears set in
Gone but never forgotten (Credit Rangers FC)

6 months ago Sir Walter’s passing was received by Scottish football with mourning, respect, and genuine unity from the whole of the game north of the border, with Celtic fans and board members doing their club proud showing utter grace to a legend of the game.

6 months on, the sudden and shock passing of a very different kind of club legend, the timeless giant that was Jimmy Bell has been received in a way which only exposes the true hatred of Scottish football and reveals the true colours again.

Bell was larger than life, a real Rangers man – and he was about as Bluenose as they come. If ever a man was one of us, it was the legendary Bell.

The ‘kit man’ (whereas of course he was a damn sight more than just that) Bell was truly part of the fabric of the club, literally part of the furniture.

Outlasting hundreds, maybe even thousands who came through and left the Marble Staircase whether by mortal exit or by moving on to a better place, Bell was always there, a consistent piece of Rangers we could always rely on.

But after his tragic passing, the complete lack of grace and decency from most of the green and white sorts either suggests 6 months ago was just a sham from them, or that real rot has set in over there and removed what sincerity and humanity they had left.

It doesn’t matter what you think of a member of the other side – whether they are viewed with grace or seen as a bit of a livewire like Nacho Novo or Chris Sutton, you show respect to a family who have lost someone, to his loved ones.

You don’t hurl insults and smears.

But sadly, keyboard warriors these days do exactly that.

And it’s a damning indictment of this part of the world and the goldfish bowl that is the Glaswegian Old Firm.

Jimmy deserves better than trolls slurring him, and they deserve nothing but everything they get for it.

Rest In Peace Jimmy.

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  1. Scum the lot , disrespectful trash. Mr Bell a gentleman , an amazing Rangersman , loved and respected all over by decent , real people . RIP Jimmy

  2. Jimmy a true blue never forgotten💪
    Now we must go and win on Thursday night for him
    Rip Jimmy

    Ignore the bucky btl throwers

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