Rangers linked with summer move for Billy Gilmour

Rangers linked with summer move for Billy Gilmour
BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - APRIL 30: Billy Gilmour of Norwich City in action with Leon Bailey of Aston Villa during the Premier League match between Aston Villa and Norwich City at Villa Park on April 30, 2022 in Birmingham, United Kingdom. (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images)

Rangers have again been linked with a summer move for former Ibrox charge Billy Gilmour, and if you’d asked us 6 months to a year ago whether we wanted him back the resounding ‘yes’ you’d have got would have echoed for months around Govan.

However, things have changed a bit.

John Lundstram’s emergence as midfield stormtrooper who can do absolutely everything in a one-man package has changed the climate and need for a ‘Barry Ferguson’ type, because it appears we finally have one again.

Gilmour is absolutely top class – he is the future of Scotland’s national team and of course he is absolutely one of us.

He also has the world at his feet and his career in front of him. Let’s not forget he is still only 20, 21 next month, and that’s a full decade of outstanding football ahead of him.

But do Rangers need him like maybe we did?

The growth of Lundstram into the monster in the middle he now is has definitely changed the landscape and ‘need’ for a player like Gilmour, but then there is of course another solution.

The two of them together.

Not going to lie, Lundstram and Gilmour would be quite the extraordinary partnership – Gilmour’s composure, class and vision along with Lunny’s power, pace and grit would make an amazing duo and there is no way Rangers could say no if the opportunity to sign Gilmour arose.

Will it happen?

Well Norwich are now relegated of course, but that is slightly moot given Gilmour is a Chelsea player. The Stamford Bridge side are in a state of flux – a takeover looming, while manager Tuchel doesn’t seem overly interested in the young Scot.

So there is a chance, an opening with which Rangers could attract him.

But again, we’d imagine the kid would want, like many potential recruits, CL, because the SPL just isn’t attractive.

But he’s one of us, and if duty calls will he come?

We’d hope so.

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  1. Knowing us we will have multiple injuries next season over the whole season, so bringing Gilmour in would be smart i think, especially as we will be in one of the Euro competitions and another 3 domestic trophys. I think if we had better depth this season we would hv won the league, as we dont have players that can come into first team and perform. Would rather Gilmour than Sands lol

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