Game-changing UEFA decision could gift Rangers Champions League

Game-changing UEFA decision could gift Rangers Champions League
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Breaking news from UEFA has confirmed a complete game-changer for Rangers after Russian sides were excluded from next season’s Champions League, giving Rangers direct access as SPL runners up into the THIRD round of qualifiers as a SEED.

Previously it was to be unseeded second round contenders, but this ruling from the governing body has changed everything.

While Rangers will still have to negotiate some qualifiers, the task has been made COLOSSALLY easier for a side used to beating Borussia and Braga, after learning we’ll be facing sides considerably weaker than those and only over two rounds.

It changes the entire landscape, and now Rangers, Euro pros against sides of the calibre of KO UEL competition, will face much weaker than that in the UCL qualifiers as a seed.

It will not be a complete cakewalk but it’s been made staggeringly easier now thanks to this decision.

The £40M prize pot Rangers so desperately need is closer than ever.

For once, thank you UEFA.

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  1. It’s great news , but very bitter sweet given , we and we alone created this coefficient for Snpland. It sticks in my throat to see that lot of charlatans getting in the CL . We threw it at the fuckers.

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