Press shocker again as Sky star rejects Scottish media

Press shocker again as Sky star rejects Scottish media
BOREHAMWOOD, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 07: Eilidh Barbour presents for BT Sport during the FA WSL Continental Tyres Cup semi final between Arsenal Women and Manchester United Women at Meadow Park on February 07, 2019 in Borehamwood, England. (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

Completely off-topic but Ibrox Noise is just catching up with the ridiculous story summing up the Scottish press in a nutshell after learning of highly-respected female journalists, particularly Sky Sports Eilidh Barbour, walking out in protest after the Writers’ Association gala dinner was filled with sexist and racist remarks as part of the ‘entertainment’.

We are not left wing, we are not hipsters, and we are FAR from politically correct on Ibrox Noise, allowing a pretty good freedom of speech for the majority who can conduct themselves well.

But we draw the line at this, and anything that’s enough to make the organisation apologise for the content clearly has no space in football.

Us Rangers fans have long-complained about the content of our press, whether it’s against us or not – and here is living proof that content initially endorsed by the Writers’ Association flourishes in the media and in the press, whether it’s anti-Rangers, racist, or anti-women.

This was enough to see walkouts.

Clearly Scottish football continues to live in the stone age – we see this time and time again, and now we’re seeing it pretty much reported.

Will our game ever grow up into the 21st century?

We’re really not sure.

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    • You’ll need to elaborate? The Irish are welcome at Ibrox, like anyone else. Just like protestants are welcome at Parkhead.

  1. That just nails exactly what is wrong with this country. This behaviour is accepted. Disgraceful . From the past . There is however a deep seated problem in SNPland , if you are not with them you are the enemy . Democracy my arse.

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