Frankfurt and the cheeky t-shirt scheme to face Rangers

Frankfurt and the cheeky t-shirt scheme to face Rangers
FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY - MAY 05: Makoto Hasebe (L) and Daichi Kamada of Eintracht Frankfurt celebrate after victory in the UEFA Europa League Semi Final Leg Two match between Eintracht Frankfurt and West Ham United at Deutsche Bank Park on May 05, 2022 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images)

Cheeky Eintracht made Seville 2022 t-shirts in hope of securing their final place, ala Chelsea and that infamous bus all those years ago.

Of course, in this case, the Germans were able to wear their shirts proudly which translate as ‘Sevillyes’ ‘this year’.

This does suggest a tonne of confidence in themselves, admittedly having won the away leg in London already, the Bundesliga side reckoned they’d get to the final, and made the celebratory shirts to wear after the fact.

Of course, had West Ham knocked them out, it would have been a bit of a waste of money making, designing and printing these garments out, but as it is, they were justified in doing it.

It verges perhaps slightly on arrogance, but they’re not the only ones to do something like that.

We remember the ill-fated Chelsea bus of course, and tennis fans might remember the crass Federer gold tuxedo which further rubbed salt in beaten finalist Andy Roddick’s wound of some years ago at Wimbledon.

So it has mixed results.

But in the end, their cheek was backed up, so the printing department of Eintracht can feel relieved.

Would Rangers ever do something like that?

That’s for you to decide…

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  1. They can use the dry their eyes when we lift the trophy. Rangers will have no fear of this average Bundesliga mob. Hopefully we can add Roofe to the squad and really get our whole squad together for this challenge , on last nights performance that is the case . Onwards the Famous

  2. I wonder what Mr Gerrard thinks of all this,
    Is he thinking that could have been me
    European cup final manager
    That would have nudged his rankings up for sure
    Its a funny old game fitba😂

    • Aye certainly . That’s where GVB has shown his class , he has that experience . Gerrard was good at Rangers for 55 and stopping 9.5.

  3. Two finals towards Rangers.
    First UEL in Sevilla, then SC at Hampden.
    Two more cups to the Gers rich collection.
    Rangers!!! 💙💙💙

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