DR use Rangers hero in subtle attack on Ibrox side

DR use Rangers hero in subtle attack on Ibrox side
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 20: Andy Halliday of Rangers FC arrives before the UEFA Europa League round of 32 first leg match between Rangers FC and Sporting Braga at Ibrox Stadium on February 20, 2020 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The Scottish press have resorted to using Andy Halliday, one of the biggest Bluenoses out there, in a subtle attack on the club by pressing him on split loyalties come Sunday.

His current side Hearts of course face Rangers next weekend in the cup final, and as a way of digging at the well-known Rangers man, and trying to get him to give a juicy quote, the press, specifically the DR, used some major provocation about his position with Hearts.

We’re not even going to dignify the comments with analysis, but suffice to say the DR more or less tricked him into ‘switching’ from Rangers to Hearts in terms of affection and trying to downplay his Rangers ties.

This is of course absolute rot.

He’s one of us all the way, and naturally he wants to win a trophy this weekend, but if there’s any one team Andy Halliday would accept losing to, it would be Rangers.

But the DR twisted it, made him sound like he’s not a Ranger any more and his time at Ibrox was meaningless.

It’s just the usual tactics from a dreadful newspaper who frequently twist the context of interviews and use football men for their own agendas.

Nothing new, but certainly to be wary of.

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  1. It’s a total disgrace how non supportive and really anti Rangers the so called Scottish Press TV etc and government are. The papers have been full of slavering drivel from the usual protagonists, English , McGlaughlin etc. about the fat aussie Greek. We threw the league at this shower , we are in the final of the 2nd biggest tournament in world football…do we hear or read any support or praise do we fuck . This pish about Halliday sums it up. Fuck them all they can go and kiss our arses once we win on Wednesday. WATP….

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