Curiosity with defunct deal as Rangers and SPFL dispute contract

Curiosity with defunct deal as Rangers and SPFL dispute contract
Will he come in and help....

The SPFL Sorare Rangers SportemonGo oddity is certainly a very, very strange situation, and we don’t have any real answers for this one.

A number of weeks ago Rangers got into a dispute with the SPFL over the governing body’s latest deal, a partnership with fantasy football company Sorare.

Once again, Rangers had a pre-existing deal with their own provider, SportemonGo, and this meant Rangers couldn’t indulge the Sorare deal due to conflict of contractual interest.

Sorare and Rangers were due to create their own separate deal.

But then the SportemonGo scandal broke, and the company Rangers’ existing deal was with was now defunct, gone, vanished.

How bizarre is it that only a few weeks after Rangers and the SPFL get into a dispute over fantasy football partners, Rangers’ version goes bust and disappears?

The one further oddity is SportemonGo’s demise was completely out of the blue, and Rangers’ new third shirt, released today officially, has the damn logo on the back, having been pre-printed.

So, we’re not quite sure what to make of this one.

We could invent a conspiracy where Neil Doncaster fiendishly hacked SportemonGo to destroy a Rangers partner in order to get the SPFL’s deal over the line with the Ibrox side, but that’s pushing it.

He’d need to know how to operate a computer…

So odd one, and hopefully Rangers get that partner replaced soon.

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