STV hack does a number on Rangers hero

STV hack does a number on Rangers hero
Jack on media duties yesterday....

Raman Bhardwaj did a bit of a number on Rangers’ Ryan Jack yesterday, provoking a headline response which lulled the Rangers man into the media glare unnecessarily.

On press duties for the presser prior to the Old Firm, Rangers’ marauding number 8 was asked for his views on a month-old story about how Celtic’s Greek striker had more or less declared his club the champions.

Jack described it as disrespectful, in a clever piece of bait from the STV hack who got the spicy quote he wanted.

Jack, of course, would have been better to keep his counsel and make no comment on what anyone else says, because what we do is what matters not what anyone else does or utters.

But Bhardwaj did him like a kipper and got the juicy provoked response he wanted and which gave the headlines he craved.

We don’t really blame Jack – he was just being honest, but he did forget himself slightly and got lulled into making a telling response, into retaliation.

Right or wrong? That’s for better people than us to decide, but it’s what the journo sure wanted.

Let’s just do our talking on the pitch tomorrow and it won’t matter what tactics the press use on us.

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  1. It’s the same scenario as when Kennedy spoke out and Borna called it out. Hopefully we show the same sort of performance as we did after he disrespected us.

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