“Not been right for ages – 5” Rangers players rated v Celtic

“Not been right for ages – 5” Rangers players rated v Celtic
Jacko on a day to forget.... (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers were disappointingly insipid for a must-win Old Firm showdown, and were deservedly beaten on the day.

Ibrox Noise takes you through our scores on the second weak Old Firm derby in a row.


Mixed. One sterling save to deny a sure goal, but otherwise a bit shaky. Failed to come for a ball that should have been his, and was all over the place for both goals. 5


Early on was providing a few good crosses but lost his rhythm badly and ended up having a very ineffective match. 5


Bit like McGregor, one or two big moments but a lot of poor ones too. Some loose possession didn’t help. 5


A bit of pace now and then but unable to dominate the backline like he has been in the past. Wasn’t his worst game and got in a few blocks. 6


Exposed constantly for pace by Jota and the Japanese guy, and offered little in an attacking sense. What crosses he conjured missed their mark each time. 5


Some good pings and tackles but in his role he’s limited in his use if the rest of the team isn’t standing up. 6


He’s not been right for ages and this was another example. Just isn’t dominating the pitch like we know he can and was rightly taken off. 5


Excellent opening assist and absolutely didn’t hide, but wasn’t effective after that and Celtic constantly doubled up on him. 6


His goal was sweetly taken but after 20 minutes of bright play he was AWOL and probably definitively proved his signing has been a fail. 5


Some promising dribbles early on but lacked any conviction. He’s no use on the right wing and it was a poor error to put him there. 5


We told you how badly we’d miss Morelos (even if it wasn’t unanimous on here) and Roofe proved it with an ineffective afternoon. Just cannot play Morelos’ game and that’s not his fault. 4



Provided a little energy but he’s still looking spent by his normal standards. 5


We’d have started him, and we saw why. Full of running and he tried to make things happen. More effective than Aribo out there anyway. 6


Gio got hamstrung with no Alfie – it made his job 20x more difficult and for all those saying we’re not a one-man team, on this evidence and that at Parkhead, we do heavily heavily rely on Morelos. Gio is starting to fall into Gerrard and Warby traps, of sticking with favourites. Bassey in particular isn’t delivering at LB and keeps being selected, while we’ve no idea why Aribo remains in the XI. And even worse he was wide. The boss tried to change things a bit later on, but while this was a bit better than Parkhead, he still hasn’t quite sussed how to manage Old Firm matches. 5

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  1. Roofe is only good for 20mins as sub ffs, fuckin done, but the manager should know that so why play him

  2. We need new players. 2 CB 1 LB promote Lowry, add another AM get a tall striker and a Goalkeeper. What ?? No money! sell… Kamara,Barasic, offload…Mcgregor, Arfield,Roofe, Balogan, ….. and find a sugar daddy, from USA

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