Rangers’ dignity while Celtic blame conspiracies

Rangers’ dignity while Celtic blame conspiracies
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 17: James Tavernier, Scott Wright and Steven Davies celebrate during the Scottish Cup Semi Final match between Celtic FC and Rangers FC at Hampden Park on April 17, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

When Rangers lost two Old Firm matches in a row, fan reaction was clear. The team wasn’t good enough, the manager was the wrong appointment, the players weren’t working hard enough.

You name it, Rangers fans slaughtered the club completely and demanded better.

From what we’ve accidentally seen online (and trust us, it was by accident) Celtic fans are quite, quite different.

In their case instead of holding their hands up and admitting they were second best on the day, the blame is all at the officials, blaming, and I kid you not, ‘brother Madden’ among others, suggesting the referee is ‘in on it’ and it’s all a ‘conshpiracy’.

Now bear in mind Rangers have had nothing but duff calls all season, and are desperate for VAR to halt that tide, while Celtic have been infinitely quieter about the technology, and you begin to see the difference between the sets of fans.

Sure, we have our bad eggs too, Rangers fans are not all angels, but the climate of accepting we were poor and being angry about that is quite a different one to the one which ‘blames everyone else’ and doesn’t hold hands up in concession of inferiority.

That’s what our opponents did. They couldn’t handle that Rangers beat them fair and square, and instead claimed Bobby Madden was in on helping Rangers. The words ‘subverting justice’ have been used.

Furthermore, we understand Celtic fans have been claiming had they not hit the bar it would have been 2-0, completely overlooking Rangers twice hit the woodwork, one prominently by John Lundstram.

What we’re saying?

Always cheated, never defeated, the Celtic Way.

As always.

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  1. Same as sutton greetin looking for red card for Roofe,
    “Only an excuse” comes to mind

  2. I’m sick of these people. Always cheated never defeated right enough. Today I heard from Sutton who says the referee embarrassed himself. Well you’ll know what that looks like Chris. Hartson who said Bassey’s “left hand was a wee bit offside”. Commons who said Bassey’s right knee was offside. It’s actually a wee bit embarrassing.
    Overall Alan Hutton and Kevin Thomson tried manually to stem the hatred and shite coming from the other side and the 2 so called “neutrals” Michael Stewart and Stephen Craigan during the live coverage but were really up against it. What the feck has happened to this country?

  3. Did anyone else think we were playing the Republic of Ireland I thought so judging by the number of tricolours in the scum end. As for Sutton Stewart etc who cares what they say

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