Can Rangers fans dare to dream the impossible?

Can Rangers fans dare to dream the impossible?
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 17: James Tavernier embraces Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Head Coach of Rangers after their sides victory during the Scottish Cup Semi Final match between Celtic FC and Rangers FC at Hampden Park on April 17, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Just when you thought the tough stuff was out of the way, the real graft begins this week.

Rangers have just won two gigantic matches, achieving historical levels of attainment, but it was only the intro to the real stuff.

Ultimately, three huge prizes are up for grabs – the Scottish Cup, 56, and the Europe League. And the Journey towards all three begins at Fir Park this weekend, in what is by a distance the easiest of the hugely demanding fixture list coming up, but still remains a very, very tough prospect against a strong side. On their patch.

And we cannot overstate the importance of the start we’ve made to this run in, that we’ve overcome two giant opponents in Braga and Celtic and shown we can hold our nerve when it really counts.

Motherwell lie in wait, then it’s Leipzig, Celtic again, then Leipzig. It is a brutal stretch of four matches, but what a start Rangers have made to the defining period of the season.

Can Rangers win all three competitions?

It would be the biggest achievement in our history. No ifs, no buts, no maybes. Hell, even winning ‘only’ the UEL would be up there, because no Scottish club ever has. But all three? Fantasy land.

Equally though, many dismissed our chances of winning the last two matches so anything is possible, right?

What we’re saying is all bets are off. All assumptions Celtic would stroll the league are done, and Rangers have proven their guts and balls.

Now it just needs the finishing touches.

And who’d bet against that?

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  1. “What a week for Rangers”
    Looks like UEFA enjoyed our win over the snp too💪👅
    Glasgow is BLUE

  2. I would love us to totally win everything. Unfortunately the other teams in the so called top 6 need to play a part by at least turning up against the not so invincible rotten mob. It was clear after 20 minutes they faded and dropped out of the game yesterday. I hope those with ambition see that opportunity.

    • Spot on Bill. Celtic will stroll the league because none of the top 6 will put the effort in. They would rather rest and save their efforts to play the Rangers.

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