Rangers fans change their minds on Gio

Rangers fans change their minds on Gio
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MARCH 10: Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Head Coach of Rangers is interviewed by the media prior to the UEFA Europa League Round of 16 Leg One match between Rangers FC and Crvena Zvezda at Ibrox Stadium on March 10, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Has Giovanni won over his doubters? That one is hard to say because only around 10 days ago half the support wanted him gone or were sanctimoniously preaching how they’d ‘never wanted him in the first place’.

He had universal favour when he came – his record in Holland spoke for itself and he’s a Bluenose. His signing was a huge coup, but when Rangers hit that sticky patch in January/February there were clear requests to fire him, especially after the painful loss at Parkhead.

Put it this way, Gio has never consistently enjoyed the tribalistic support Steven Gerrard did, and the reason for that is while Gio is one of us, Steven Gerrard was regarded as a football legend in general, a world brand and a superstar. And that’s fair to say, and it’s accurate. He joined us and that in itself curried a tonne of favour.

But Gio never had the same global brand Gerrard does, and let’s be honest, isn’t as popular on pure personality terms.

So he’s had to work a lot harder to earn respect from our support, and earn slack. Despite being one of our own, he’s had many, many more detractors than Gerrard did.

But this last week has bought him a lot of slack, and the naysayers have piped down a lot.

Ibrox Noise regulars know only too well we’ve been some of his biggest backers since he joined – sure, we’ve made a few constructive criticisms here and there but overall few have stuck by him like us.

And we’re happy to see it fall into place a bit for him lately, with every chance we could win the Scottish cup and a strong possibility of something special in the UEL.

As for 56, it will be tough too, but it remains possible.

The outcome though of recent times has given Gio some leeway.

He’s earned that, and hopefully fans keep sticking by our man.

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  1. Hes changed my mind no doubt👐,i mean does it really get any better,
    Fantastic grinded out result yesterday with Gio making the changes to seal victory💪👏👏👏

  2. Was good to hear the fans singing his name again at FT. Im one the ones who doubted us in these run in games, but i still gave Gio my full support as hes not had any financial support to proper judge him on signings. But hes doing great with what hes got.

  3. We have gained some more kudos with yesterday and of course the amazing Euro results. What still hurts is the loss of stupid draw points and the capitulation in the 1st half of the Parkhead crap . GVB could write his name in our history as one of our best Managers. I think it would be worth giving him as much funding/backing for next season as we can find .

  4. GVB had a nightmare at Parkhead, or more precisely his players did. More worryingly in the following match it Ibrox it appeared as though he hadn’t learned anything tactically. That wasn’t the case this time as Gio clearly won the tactical battle. Having said that it helped that his players carried out his plan with courage and energy. It’s always about the players.

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