Where does Rangers’ win over Dortmund compare?

Where does Rangers’ win over Dortmund compare?
Rangers' English defender James Tavernier (C) celebrates scoring the opening goal from the penalty spot with his teammates during the UEFA Europa League play-off football match BVB Borussia Dortmund v Rangers in Dortmund on February 17, 2022. (Photo by SASCHA SCHUERMANN / AFP) (Photo by SASCHA SCHUERMANN/AFP via Getty Images)

So just where DOES Rangers’ giant-killing win over Borussia Dortmund rank in the history of the club’s results?

The obvious contenders are Barca 72, Lyon 2007, Florence 2008 and Leeds 1992. Some might argue Parma 99.

Let’s be clear – Borussia are one of Europe’s top 10 clubs. Literally, they’re 11th right now based on the last 10 years of European football. Only the absolute elite are in front of them, in Real, Bayern, Barca, Juve, Chelsea, Atletico, PSG, City, Utd and Liverpool.

Next lie Borussia.

So do not understate how good Borussia are.

So where does beating them with ease on their own patch lie?

Barca 72 was incredible, but what’s overlooked was the route to beating Moscow in the final included mighty Bayern. Rangers beat some tough sides en-route.

Leeds was… magical. The English champions were expected to slaughter us, only for Rangers to secure a well-deserved 4-2 win. Sound familiar? Mark Hateley also scored one of Rangers’ greatest-ever European goals.

Lyon was big, and they were the Jacques Santini, PLG and Houllier Lyon that won tonnes of league titles in a row and were the PSG of their day. We absolutely blew them away. Daniel Cousin owned them, then DaMarcus Beasley laughed at them. That one was spectacular.

And then Florence. Fiorentina aren’t, and weren’t a true European goliath. It was a big night, a historical night for its implications, but Fiorentina are no Milan, Inter or Juve.

Lastly we’ll look at Parma. They were a massive team when we faced them, with some world class players who would go onto be legends. And we tonked them at Ibrox. No one on earth expected that night.

So, where does it compare?

Honestly, it’s pretty much the biggest single night result Rangers have probably ever had, for both the calibre of opposition, quality of competition, and the fact it wasn’t at home.

We beat one of the top 10 (ok ok, 11) sides in the world with ease. They were only missing their star striker but had more than enough quality to put us away. Supposedly. They were nowhere near doing so.

This isn’t to undermine any of those incredible past European nights – they were all incredible and deserve their places. But this one was another level.

We just beat one of Europe’s best teams on their own patch.


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  1. We’re doing the bouncy all over the world😜
    Glasgow is blue🇬🇧
    Hey there u with the sad face come up to my place n live it up👅
    Wots the score broony🤡

  2. I would throw in Champions League wins at PSV and Monaco from 2000, PSV again in 1978 (half the great Dutch World Cup Final team) and a draw at Bayern Munich (most of the 1974 German World Cup winning team). I’d also say 2-0 at Sporting Lisbon was more impressive than Fiorentina in 2008.
    In fact thinking about all this made me realise about the many great away results we’ve had at big teams over the years. Celtic get nowhere close.

    • I agree, Florence was brilliant for getting to the final but Lisbon performance was unreal. That prick Whittaker on to protect the 1-0 lead, wins the ball in the centre circle walks by 4/5 players n scores a beaut. I’d forgotten about that after his shitey 2012 interview.
      I’ve always thought Lyon result was the best in my days (’86), but Dortmund tops it for me. Manchester run was amazing and emotional, the experience was absolutely surreal. But I’ve felt things I’ve never felt before and even made noises I cannot describe after Thursdays result. I’m now expecting to repeat some of those noises next Thursday when we qualify for next stage!!

    • The one Celtic exception sadly has to be 67 beating Inter. They were pretty much Europe’s best team at the time and Celtic got the EC out of them. Otherwise, yes, Celtic’s European record is weird. Until 5-10 years ago they were monstrous at home, unbeatable, always winning in the CL, but hideous away, always losing.

      Hilariously they’re now hideous for both.

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