Anti-Rangers press get worse as club under attack…

Anti-Rangers press get worse as club under attack…
David Whitehouse (L) and Paul Clarke who have been appointed administrators of Glasgow Rangers football club speak during a press conference in Glasgow, Scotland, on February 14, 2012. Scottish champions Rangers saw their hopes of a successful title defence all but ended when they were hit with a 10-point penalty for entering administration on Tuesday as the 140-year-old club battles for its financial survival. AFP PHOTO/IAN MACNICOL (Photo credit should read Ian MacNicol/AFP via Getty Images)

We have to laugh this morning at the slew of anti-Rangers stories again, following a smooth and comfortable 0-3 at Galabank at the weekend.

From last night seeing the Daily Mail dredge up 2012 and David Whitehouse (Rangers admin) again, to then seeing Christopher Jack of the Evening Times unnecessarily use Annan’s Tony Wallace to smear the club claiming our players refused to swap jerseys, the raft of Rangers-hating content this past 12 hours is as disappointing as it is predictable.

The Whitehouse stuff is laughable – it’s just complete attention-seeking, a paper seeking to use the 2012 nightmare and Rangers’ name for clicks. That deal is done, the story is over, and yet the Daily Fail wheels out one of the administrators (who’s already been awarded millions in damages) to talk smack about the club and retread tired old steps.

Then we have Jack of the Times, using Annan’s Wallace to attack the club, claiming our players are ‘baddies’ and that no one would swap jersey with him. The story also points out that each player he asked had already given their jersey to someone else, namely the ball boys, and Wallace still got butthurt that he didn’t get one.

In short, his interests were more important than the children who volunteered in those brutal conditions to get the ball back in play.

That a man at 28 was whining about this is just comical.

Same old media – good Rangers result, feelgood story? Time to find the negative stuff to rain on the parade.


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