“Midas touch has deserted him – 5” – Rangers players rated at Dingwall

“Midas touch has deserted him – 5” – Rangers players rated at Dingwall
Ryan Kent in action today (Credit Rangers FC)

GVB’s honeymoon at Rangers may be somewhat over after dropping 4 points in the past 3 SPL matches.

Ibrox Noise takes you through our ratings for a difficult afternoon in Dingwall.


He will know himself this was probably the worst match he’s ever played in the best part of a 20-year career. He was horrible, cost two goals, looked shaky, and made numerous errors. Is he finished? On this evidence, maybe. 0.


Defended well enough again, got a big goal in the right place at the right time, and also managed quite a few shots. Crossing wasn’t the best, but few can complain about his performance. 8


His goal was again right place right time but his defending was a mess. Big part to play in one of the lost goals, and was certainly some distance off the PL defender he maybe thinks he is. Not great at all. 5


Another mess, Bassey just isn’t good enough for this position – he’s ok as deputy and fills in when need be (which is right now, in fairness) but he was massively at fault for the second goal and this one exposed his CB limitations. Boy do we desperately need Souttar and Doekhi. 4


Funnily enough like Tav Barisic, FB, comes out with his head high. Not amazing but clean enough and made no errors. Got in more crosses than Tav and more accurate ones too and was solid at the back. 7


Pretty average from the Finn, and if he’s looking for a new club in the PL this is one he will hope scouts weren’t at. He wasn’t awful but did little of note, fading into the background. He’s gone back a few steps after initially improving so much under GVB. 6


Another bright performance from the former Canuck, who could have scored on a better day. Energy as always, shots aplenty, and rarely lost the ball. 8


Solid from Kenty, didn’t stand out perhaps but got an assist, and he got plenty of damage on the County rearguard. Keeps on working, albeit currently isn’t in sensational form or anything. 7


What a player. Picking up where he left off and just looks sensational when he has the ball – Velcro Boots indeed. Got himself an assist, and he’s just a unit of a boy. 9


Couldn’t have done more to introduce himself to the Gers faithful. Goal inside 4 minutes, then effectively made another one for Tav, the Ivory Coast star might only be 19 but we can see why he’s valued at £40M. 9


Oh dear. Something happened to him and he’s got zero confidence. The only man to play worse than him today was Greegsy. 1



Might have bagged a goal, and looked pretty bright. 6


Didn’t really have an impact. 5


Seemed a weird sub to bring on. 4


Unfortunately the man’s Midas touch has deserted him lately and he’s making some curious decisions. Starting Itten repeatedly when we have better options is definitely not one of his better moves, and taking far too long to remove him was another fail. We love the manager, and we want him to keep learning, but right now things aren’t working too great for him or the team. 5

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  1. Aribo was miles above everybody best player we have at the moment. Bassey definitely is not and never will be a CH . Greggsy great Rangers Legend . Time is up though . Not sure what you saw Kent do guys, but I thought he was his usual peripheral self he doesn’t get fully involved not the player he used to be ? We miss the Morelos man big time , Itten not at our level. GVB needs to sort the defending and slackness of giving the ball away too easily , main culprits Kamara Goldson Kent Bassey . Poor decision making that’s cost us . Young Diallo superb talent , looking forward to seeing him tear the rotten mob apart.

  2. Our keeper was as poor as Bassey, Itten and the stadium. Goldson was reasonable but not like when he played the ace against Hearts.
    Full respect to our keeper who has saved us so many times in the past and was perfect last season. Rangers should have won that 5-2 easily. Aribo was great.

    No need to panic. Off to the piggery soon and they wont have 10 defenders in their box.

  3. Ittens only going to get better with game time, IMO it was the wrong game to test him in, Ross County are joint third top scorers in the league, I see his reasoning for giving him as long as he did but again it was the wrong game.

    The pressures on with Wednesday closing in, maybe he hoped for a confidence boosting game to give him more options, Defoe leaving was not the greatest idea now.

    I’ve still got faith we’ll beat them, better mcgregor got his howlers out the way today, can see a more more focused team going up against that lot.

  4. Like you IN, Itten before Roofe is a puzzle to me. I have been working on the assumption that Roofe only had 20-30 minutes in him. For me Roofe is the best striker at the club and must start against Celtic. He is a hard working intelligent striker who scores all sorts of goals. He’ll give his all for 60 minutes then can be replaced with Sakala. Itten can have the night off.

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