Tav comments as captain is ‘eager’ to see Gers team mate leave

Tav comments as captain is ‘eager’ to see Gers team mate leave
He backs his man....

James Tavernier’s comments at the pre-Saints presser on Joe Aribo were very interesting. They weren’t wrong for sure, but they both pointed at the inevitability the Nigeria star will leave for the PL at some point, while also rightly bigging up the former Charlton man’s qualities.

We suppose the one regret we have about the captain’s words was the way he outright wanted to see Aribo leave:

“He’s an unbelievable player. He’s got all the attributes to be a top, top player and hopefully I can see that one day, him playing in the big leagues.”

Unless Rangers miraculously get a move into the PL, Aribo will have to leave the club for this to happen, and for Tav to exalt the possibility is both regrettable but inevitable and honest.

Aribo is too good for the Premiership, he has the talent to go all the way, but it’s not something we ‘want’ to see. It’s just a necessary evil, and will see Rangers profit massively along the line.

Should Tav have worded it as he did? That he’s keen to see Aribo in the ‘big leagues’?

Is wanting your team mate to better himself a bad thing?

Aribo and other players are of course limited by what the SPL can bring them, and to see their true potential blossom they have to go to a better division.

And in doing so, Rangers’ coffers will have been helped too.

But we can’t help wondering why Tav didn’t add a ‘but hopefully we can keep him as long as possible’ disclaimer.

Because we just don’t want to lose this talent. Not at all.

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