Staff change at Ibrox conceals a major Rangers secret

Staff change at Ibrox conceals a major Rangers secret
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 25: Rangers assistant manager Roy MaKaay is seen during the UEFA Europa League group A match between Rangers FC and Sparta Praha at Ibrox Stadium on November 25, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

If there was one thing we could say about Jermain Defoe ‘striker coach’ it’s quite simply that he was useless in the role.

Alfredo Morelos actually performed worse when Defoe went into the part time coaching side then worse still when it was made ‘permanent’.

One of the first things Giovanni van Bronckhorst did was ‘fire’ Defoe from that role, put him back in the squad, and pretty much forget about the whole thing.

He replaced him with one of the greatest strikers Holland has ever seen in the magnificent Roy Makaay. And what a difference we’ve seen in Alfredo Morelos as a result.

A truly world class striker, coaching a potential one.

If there’s been differences in Morelos’ game, it’s the movement, the timing, the runs, the team work, the positioning, and the overall discipline.

Gio has clearly been a big part of that, but the close coaching from Makaay in showing Morelos far more of the ropes than Defoe was clearly ever capable of has evidently benefited the Colombian.

It’s a completely new player under the ex-Bayern legend, and if anything gave a clue about how seriously Makaay was taking this, it was the gentle dig at Ryan Kent that ‘if you want tricks, go to the circus’.

This regime is for real, it’s serious. The last one wasn’t p*ssing around but it completely lost its way and lacked the ability to turn it around.

But this one has started in flying form and 9 matches in still maintains that level.

And few have thrived on it as much as Freddo.

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  1. This has nothing to do with JD Becoming the coach. Maybe the fact Roy mckaay and Gio both speak Spanish has big upturn in way he’s playing. He is able to communicate and understand instructions better you ever though of that instead of criticism at JD. To say Gerrard Beale etc weren’t real deal absolute rubbish aswell. Gio has inherited a very good gers team thanks to work Gerrard and Co did. Gio is finely tuning and putting his stamp on it. I enjoy reading your articles but this one is way off mark in my opinion

    • Never said Bealey wasn’t the real deal? Quite the opposite! Also didn’t say anything about either of them in this article? Furthermore, if Defoe was a great striker coach, why did Gio remove him from his role? Why not work WITH Makaay rather than losing the position? PS we have more than one striker and they speak English…

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