“Brother Beaton” as Celtic lose plot over Rangers conspiracies…

“Brother Beaton” as Celtic lose plot over Rangers conspiracies…
LIVINGSTON, SCOTLAND - MARCH 03: Referee John Beaton is seen after showing Steven Gerrard a second yellow card at half time during Rangers 1-0 victory over Livingston at Tony Macaroni Arena on March 03, 2021 in Livingston, Scotland. Sporting stadiums around the UK remain under strict restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in games being played behind closed doors. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

For the past however many months, ever since the ‘always cheated never defeated’ crew in the east lost out on *10IAR, they’ve done nothing but complain about masonic refs and ‘Brother Bobby’ or ‘Brother Beaton’.

In short, the refs are a great big masonic conshpirashy out to get Celtic and favour Rangers.

That talk went somewhat quiet last night after the ref somehow found SEVEN minutes to add on at Dingwall, just enough time to let them find a winner.

We don’t watch Celtic, so we have no idea if that’s a legitimate amount of added time, but short of a few ambulances coming on pitch and a bunch of streakers doing their thing, we have no idea what could have compelled approaching 10 minutes of added time inside a 45 minute period.

But there you have it. They got their massive added time, and they found the net with the last kick of the ball, pretty much.

But remember, it’s RANGERS who have the refs on side, Rangers who are part of this dreadful conspiracy against Celtic to ensure a lack of Sporting Integrity and guarantee the masons in the black always help us out.

Alan Muir, who doesn’t have an especially heavy rep one way or the other, clearly did Celtic a favour there. At least, he did, if you buy into the conspiracies.

End of the day, Lord knows where he got that amount of time from, but he did, and Celtic benefited from it.

This stuff all evens itself out over the course of the season.

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  1. And karma will come it’s way to those green and grey bastards, l pray on the 2nd of January that we get the most dodgy penalty in the 92nd minute and burst the back of the net with it

    Not one bheggar from the east complained on twitter about the 7 extra minutes and rubbing our noses right in it, but as you say IN, swings and roundabouts, the quicker VAR comes in the better as I’m sick to the back teeth with those stinking mhanky Declans moaning about how they are hard done by and not forgetting the fat Hairy Harold Bishop of a manager, the clown needs knocked off his high horse and sees what shit his team really are and pray the spoon burners beat them Sunday

  2. They were honestly still moaning. I googled today to see if any journys were talking abt the 7mins added on but it was loads if celtic fans tht i got on twitter and they were STILL moaning saying the ref was a hun because he sent Starfelt off lol. I was shocked tht they go rgose 7mins and ref was still gettin pelters haha there aff there nut.

    • That’s what Celtic do when they are trouble. They complain endlessly till it gets to the point where referees are pressured to give them decisions so that they don’t get slaughtered in the media. Disgraceful.

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