Why ex-Rangers boss is certain to move for Alfredo Morelos

Why ex-Rangers boss is certain to move for Alfredo Morelos
Roofe and Alfie celebrate (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers fans will be well aware our ex-manager is going to take interest in some of our key assets this January, but the one less supporters seem aware of will be the imminent temptation over Alfredo Morelos.

Fans have discussed Kent, Aribo and Kamara, and yes, they are ripe for the plucking for sure, but the Colombian is going under the radar and is in the opinion of Ibrox Noise someone the former boss will definitely want.


Because a motivated and on form Alfredo Morelos is a devastating striker who can mix it with the very best.

He just hasn’t been motivated for over a year, and it had nothing to do with not playing for SG. It had everything to do with losing out on two moves out, first to Lille, second to Porto, and being left ‘stuck’ in the SPL.

Morelos’ ambitions have always been PL, but he is equally happy with a ‘better’ league, and having failed to get the move out from Scotland, his motivation has completely plummeted.

Unprofessional? Doesn’t matter – his heart isn’t at Ibrox and hasn’t been for a long time.

But if SG comes in and takes him south, suddenly his little eyes will light up and you can be sure he’ll be at 150% in the PL.

SG knows this, he knows what a motivated and in the zone Morelos can do, and nothing would motivate and spur him on more than finally making it to the PL at long last.

We know how good he has been in the UEL, it was borderline world class. But the motivation for that was to get to the PL, to attract suitors. SG even admitted this in one interview long ago.

And SG would be seeking new talent in January, and could probably get the Colombian for £5M-£10M now.

That’s why he’d want him – because he’d get the real Morelos, not the unfocused one we seem to have these days.

And we doubt a new manager at Ibrox is going to change that much either.

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  1. Don’t think so. SG might move for Kent and Patterson. Morelos? No. In my view he’s not quite good enough for the EPL.

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