Gio admission may split some Rangers fans, but we must trust him

Gio admission may split some Rangers fans, but we must trust him
He'll drop who needs dropping...

New manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s admission that he will be seeking the ex-manager’s counsel in the coming weeks may have disappointed a lot of Rangers fans who would be happy never hearing his name again (the notable majority from what we’re seeing), but it’s part and parcel of taking over at a new club and he’d be ignorant not to do so.

Gio is, while a returning hero, new to the present Rangers regime and how it operates, and while he’s joining the club at a time he admits is ‘not ideal’, he’s got to consult with the ex who built this whole setup according to his own image.

The way the system works is the work of the ex-boss, who had two directors of football during his time, so the one man who has consistent knowledge of backroom staff, of the ways of the club the past 3 years is the one common denominator of it.

Gio needs all the advice he can get, and we’re quite sure, as pro to pro, the ex will give him perfectly sensible advice and comments, even if fans don’t trust him as far as they could throw him now.

It’s just what new managers do.

Our ex himself gleaned much wisdom from the great Sir Walter, and he was wise himself to do that, and now Gio must soak up as much knowledge as well.

Our new boss is now hands-on, thrown straight into the lion’s den and while we already trust him a great deal (yes, we’re that confident in his judgement), we can’t expect him to go in blind and get it all correct first time.

One step at a time. And that includes consulting with any wisdom he can.

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  1. All he has to do is watch the games this season already on RTV and he will see how much of a horror show we are and drop the duds immediately

  2. Personally I was very disappointed at the timing of SGs departure leaving when we are in the position we are in but none of us know the real reasons for this and I believe we should remember what good he did in bringing back pride as well as boosting our reputation world wide stopping our bitter rivals 10iar.with some fantastic results and records and certainly left the club in a far better state than when he came.Give the guy a break and let’s all get behind GVB.

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