Stevie trolls back at the Rangers trolls trying to bait us

Stevie trolls back at the Rangers trolls trying to bait us
He will be pleased with some of the updates....

Steven Gerrard has undeniably wound up major Rangers hater Michael Stewart by not only defending Joe Aribo’s tackle v Hearts, but saying he wants to see more of it.

Stewart, of course, claimed Aribo should have seen red, and was foaming at the gills that the midfielder had received just a yellow, but Gerrard insisted that he wants to see that kind of anger and aggression from his playmaker.

In a clear attempt to wind up those who wanted Aribo sent off (including fake sites in our own name) Stevie actually embellished a conversation with the 25-year old in which they’d discussed his being more spiteful and ruthless, as instead being about anger and aggression, ergo endorsing that naughty tackle the likes of Stewart were so outraged by.

And knowing these critics would be offended and rush to attack, Stevie expressed how he wanted even more of that.

Even though that’s not what he and Aribo actually discussed or looked into.

Gerrard knows how to play the media game, and a lot of what he said is very planned and carefully delivered to create a particular effect.

He knew what he was doing with the ‘wife and quid’ comments over Connor Goldson, and he knew what he was doing with this Aribo quip too.

Still, anything which annoys Michael Stewart is ok by us.

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  1. Why is Stewart allowed to get away with criticisms of Rangers.

    Yet he does not criticise that lot across the city who pays this cod-wollops wages?

    Why are the Tim’s playing at Hamden park first in the semi-final when Rangers were drawn out the hat surely they should be playing Hibs on the Saturday then that lot play on the Sunday.

    It means Rangers have to play on a boggy cut up Hampden park pitch after that lot on the Sunday.

    Why also did that lot across the city play there Europa game on the Tuesday and the Gers play on the Thursday? Just beggars belief that across the city they get all the better calls than us.

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