Rangers get massive boost as Ryan Jack returns

Rangers get massive boost as Ryan Jack returns
He's back....

Ryan Jack has confirmed his long-awaited return to training but caution must still be held over the long-term injury absentee who has a massive amount of work to do before he’s ready to play again.

The stalwart midfielder, who Rangers have missed an incredible amount the past year, was back in training today but the extent of his involvement is not yet clear, only that he was once more on the green stuff.

Steven Gerrard confirmed the big conundrum was getting Jack back into ‘opposed’ play instead of training on his own, and getting him physically right back into the gritty stuff he’s so good at, but that kind of play was too risky in July. A few setbacks and ‘slowings down’ ensued after club doctors and specialists advised taking it much more carefully.

That has been done, with over a month elapsed since any major news, but Gerrard was delighted to confirm in recent weeks that he hoped to have Jack back in training within two weeks.

He showed caution this time, saying only that he was hopeful, and used the words ‘this time’ indeed, so show he’d learned from being quite so sure on previous occasions.

And that’s borne fruit as the lad has returned to the grass at last.

We don’t know yet just how involved he got with the group, but we do know he’s on the turf.

Hopefully he defies the predictions and plays for the Famous before the year is out.

But in his own time.

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  1. As soon as Jacko is fit and starting games, get that armband off Tav and give it to Ryan, he is a man l would love to be the captain of our club and l hope to also see Arfield back playing as well as he has been forgotten about

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